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Advisement Report

Please note: Students who began their studies at the University of Houston before the Fall 2005 Semester may not receive a complete Advisement Report. Students in this category are asked to contact the Academic Advisor of their major for more information.

The myUH Advisement Report is a great resource for students who closely monitor their academic progress at the University of Houston. The myUH Advisement Report feature can be found inside a student’s myUH self-service account under the “My Academics” section.

Students can use the myUH Advisement Report to:

  1. View current active plans – major(s), minor(s)
  2. View current overall GPA and/or GPA in major
  3. View GPA in minor
  4. View total credit hours
  5. View how many credits are needed to graduate
  6. View what areas of the Core Curriculum are complete
  7. View what areas of the Core Curriculum still need to be completed
  8. View degree requirements for major
  9. View degree requirements for minor
  10. View what degree requirements still need completing

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Advisement Report?
An Advisement Report is a report that students can run in order to determine how many classes are counting towards their intended major and how many more classes still needed to take in order to graduate.

What requirements are in the Advisement Report?
Not only are required courses in the Advisement Report, but also all requirements needed in order to graduate. Including, 36 upper level hours in order to graduate, total hours needed to graduate (120 business, 130 Engineering, etc.), a maximum of 66 Lower Level transfer hours counting towards degree, GPA requirements, and residency requirements.

How do I run an Advisement Report?
An advisement Report can be run by going to myUH > Student Center > My Academics > Advisement Report. To assist you, use the "Planner" Tutorial.

What if I have taken classes that meet the requirement, but they are not showing up on the Advisement Report?
Please see your academic advisor in order to determine if a UH or the transfer course should be spilling. The Advisement Report runs off of courses taken at UH and transfer courses. The transfer credit must be posted in your transfer summary in order to run in the Advisement Report. If a transfer course came in as an ELEC or ADVC course, it may not automatically fulfill a given course.

What if my transcripts are not updated and posted on myUH?
If you have turned in a copy of your transcripts (48 hours if sent electronically), please contact the myUH Enrollment Services Call Center at (713) 743-1010, option 7, to get an update on your records.

What if my core, major, or minor are missing on the Advisement Report?
The Advisement Report was designed based on the 2005 catalog.  Students who attended UH prior to 2005 may need to see their advisor to review their degree plan in another format or request catalog, major, or minor requirement term updates to utilize the Advisement Report.

Who do I talk to about problems?

  • You should consult your academic advisor for questions on your Advisement Report.
  • For questions related to your Transfer Credit Status (i.e.: “I do not see my transfer credits posted.”), please call the myUH Enrollment Services Call Center at (713) 743-1010, option 7.

Do I still need to see an academic advisor?
The Advisement Report does not replace meeting with an academic advisor. The Advisement Report is a guide and you should be meeting with your academic advisor regularly. There may be problems with your Advisement Report in which your academic advisor can help resolve as well as give you specific information about your college and other requirements.

If nothing is bolded, does it mean I can graduate?
No, your Advisement Report is not the official source for meeting requirements to graduate. Please consult with your academic advisor to ensure all requirements are met.