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Office of Research and Reporting

The Office of Research and Reporting evaluates the efficacy of Enrollment Services policies and practices, promotes evidence-based decision-making and tracks progress on important outcomes such as new student enrollment. The department provides data analysis and reporting services to all areas of Enrollment Services as well as other members of the university community in need of Enrollment Services data.

Areas of Responsibility

  • Research and analysis
  • Internal reporting
  • Undergraduate enrollment targets
  • Tracking progress to goals


Enrollment Services Research and Reporting (ESRR) provides campus partners with interactive reports to track strategic enrollment goals. Campus partners may request access to internal reports by submitting an inquiry to our staff members. Reports require valid Cougarnet credentials to access.

New Student Orientation

This dashboad tracks daily new student orientation attendance and enrollment for a given term by admit level, college, department, and major.

new student orientation dashboard 

Negative Service Indicator Holds

This dashboard tracks daily registration holds for students eligible to enroll for a given semester. Data are available at the college, department, plan, and student levels. 

registration holds dashboard


ESRR conducts in-depth research studies to support evidence-based decision-making at the University. Most studies are for internal consumption, but the following studies highlight publicly-available work by our researchers.