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Schedule Planner - Frequently Asked Questions Click on question to show/hide answer.


  • What is Schedule Planner, and what can students do with it?
  • When will students begin using Schedule Planner?
  • How is Schedule Planner accessed?
  • How do I use Schedule Planner?
  • How do I clear the cart and start over?
  • I built my schedule in Schedule Planner, why can't I register?
  • What if I can't get the schedule I want?
  • What happens if myUH/PeopleSoft times out and the student clicks “Send to Shopping Cart”? As the Schedule Planner is a pop up, what keeps PeopleSoft from timing out?

Adding Classes

  • Will advisors be able to add classes to a student's schedule?
  • How do I view more information about a course?
  • Does building a schedule in Schedule Planner mean that I am registered? (or) Does Schedule Planner enroll me in the classes I select?
  • Can I filter a course in my Courses list by instructor?
  • What happens when I "Favorite" a schedule?
  • What does "Locking" a class do?
  • Do I still need to look at Class Details?
  • How do I make sure that I have enough time between classes?

Dropping Classes

  • How do students drop classes?

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