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Curriculum Development Support

Curriculum (pl: Curricula) at UH consists of the approved degree programs and courses offered. UH is a publicly funded, regionally accredited institution. Course offerings and degrees must first be approved by the governing board(s) in order to be published. The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) is the governing board for the state of Texas and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) is the regional accrediting commission.

  • FYI: There are 15 reports made annually, per term or more frequently to the THECB regarding our institution’s educational activities (facilities, utilization efficiency, courses, various student and enrollment data). Curriculum change (course inventory) reporting is one and is made at least once per year. 

Changes to Curriculum

Prior to spring 2014, the process for proposing, approving and implementing changes to curriculum were made using paper forms known as CBM003 forms.

  • CBM = Coordinating Board Management report
  • 003 = Course Inventory

As of spring 2014, an Online Workflow Management system called Curriculog was instituted.

This online process allows for greater transparency, campus participation and proposal tracking. It also provides an automated workflow that will decrease the processing time from first proposed stage to final approval. The same system also may be used to propose changes to academic policies and to narrative text of the catalog.

Approval Chain of Command

The catalog approval is a 7-step process.

Assistance with Proposal Development

Faculty should first consult with their chair or director or department curriculum committee when beginning a proposal. Representatives from the UC and GPSC/GEPC will assist the respective committee chairs with the approval process and are generally available to departments and colleges when questions arise.


Online Workflow Management-type tool for developing proposals for adds/changes/deletions of courses and programs (implemented in Spring 2014).

  • URL –
  • Access – All faculty and staff at UH have access to Curriculog; Please use your CougarNet credentials when logging in to Curriculog.
    For questions about how to access, please email
  • Training
  • How-Tos
  • User Roles – User Roles for the approvers, committee chairs and members, Deans, etc., will be maintained on a regular and as-needed basis.

Curriculum Support Services Team: