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Tools to Help Manage Course Enrollment

Enrollment management includes ensuring that access to seats in classes are available to those who qualify. This can translate to preventing registration by students who are not yet ready (qualified) for the course or are attempting to take courses that are out of sequence. Providing a path that enables a student who is granted an exception to the requisites or other permission to be able to self-register is also essential to the process and to providing great service.

Tools that are available to faculty and staff:

  • Requisites are used to prevent students from gaining entrance into classes if they do not meet specific requirements. They are attached to courses on the Course Catalog and carry on to schedule in the sections of the course, where additional or alternate requisites may be applied. If students do not meet the requirements, they are not allowed into classes.
  • Class permissions are numbers or authorizations that can be associated with a class section and assigned or provided to students for use during registration. You can create general or student-specific add permissions.