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Ballroom and Latin at Cougar DanceSport


Cougar DanceSport - Ballroom and Latin Dance Club at the University of Houston was started over 15 years ago with the goal of promoting ballroom and latin dance for UH students, alumni, and affiliates. We hoped to introduce and foster the love of partnership dancing to UH affiliates and the surronding community, while encouraging friendship and camaraderie between the members of the club. We also aimed to provide Dance Club members with relevant news and information about the dance community, both locally and nationally. Standard, Latin, Smooth, and Rhythm dances make up our main focus at this juncture although we do incorporate some social dances such as Two-Step, Salsa, and Bachata as well. Our continuing goal is to provide quality instruction and dancing opportunities to our members at affordable costs. There is nothing better than having fun while dancing, regardless of what level you want your dancing to reach.


We hold regular class meetings during spring, summer, and fall semesters every Sunday afternoon. Each meeting session includes at least two hours of formal lesson. The last hour is reserved for either a dance practice party or additional dance technique instruction. Although our emphasis constists of quality instruction, all of our classes are very informal and we encourage members to ask questions during the class. The teaching core consists of advanced dancers, highly qualified amateurs, and professionals.


Apart from the regular Sunday dance lessons, we have a social calendar that plans the social dancing we can host and specifies on a regular basis, the evening dances hosted by the major dance studios in Houston area. These are aimed at giving members not only a taste of the ballroom ambiance but also a certain degree of exposure to renowned ballroom dancers in Houston. Many of these events will involve some dance instruction followed by an opportunity to practice your dancing in a social setting. We also organize regular group outings to night-clubs and dances hosted by local studios. These outings will expose you to a variety of dances and dancers around Houston - you will meet and socialize with dancers from other universities, dance studios and the ballroom community at large.



Tin Pham-Tran was born in Vietnam and moved to Houston for schooling when he was sixteen. He began dancing when he was twelve and started competitive ballroom dance in 2011. Though he works to improve his technique and choreography in Smooth and Standard, Tin is known to inhabit more of Latin flame. He served two terms of presidency for Cougar Dancesport and took on the role of instructor after his graduation from the College of Architecture at UH in 2015. He recently earned the title of Latin Champion at Austin Open 2016 and is qualified to compete in USA Dance National Championship 2017 in Baltimore, MD. When he is not sliding across the dance floor, Tin works full-time as a residential architect.





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