Moores School of Music
University of Houston

Some student projects from the graduate course
Music Technology Seminar
taught by
Dr. Tim Koozin

Some of these multimedia essays require QuickTime / QuickTime for Windows (Download) and/or the Shockwave plug-in (Download).

  Lilia Gamez The Renaissance Flute

Texas All-State Audition Music for Flute

  Jason Ogan William Byrd: Background and Historical Perspective
  Music of the Middle Ages and Renaissance
  Andrew Galuska Olivier Messiaen and the Art of Organ Registration
  Moores School Organ Studies Page
  Joseph Schenck An Analysis of Bela Bartok's Fifth String Quartet, Fifth Movement
  A Study in MUSIC THEORY of Tonal Music
 Hui-Tzu Lin A Review of Piano Methods
  Beethoven Piano Sonata Op.31, No.3 in E-flat Major
 Hitomi Kato Franz Liszt: Concerto No. 1 for Piano and Orchestra
  Cesar Franck: A Reserved Romantic
Previous semesters:  
  Bonnie S. Jacobi: The Bransles of Stravinsky's Agon: A Transition to Serial Composition 
  Bonnie S. Jacobi: An Examination of Texture and Pitch Relationships in Roger Sessions' Second Piano Sonata 
  Liang-Yun You: Analysis of Which Side Are You On from Fredrick Rzewski's Four North American Ballads 
  Chip Miller: An Introduction to Temperament 
  Cyrill Schurch: SIREN Composers' Alliance  Cyrill's World: Compositions, Papers, Resume 
  Hua Yang: Composer's Resume 
  Wan Hwa Low: Marimba Site 
  Lesley Sisk: Moores Opera Center page 
  Jill Bays-Purtill: An Analysis of the Intermezzi, Op. 117 by Johannes Brahms 
  Cynthia Van Maanen: A Composer's Resume 
  Sorab Wadia: A study of music by the contemporary Indian composer, Vanraj Bhatia