Dr. Timothy Koozin

Professor and Division Chair of Music Theory
Moores School of Music, University of Houston
email: tkoozin@uh.edu

Timothy Koozin (Ph.D. University of Cincinnati) teaches courses in music theory and serves as Division Chair of Music Theory at the Moores School of Music, University of Houston. His research interests include music and meaning, popular music, Japanese music, and music instructional technology. His writings appear in Perspectives of New Music, Contemporary Music Review, Music Theory Online, The Journal of Film Music, College Music Symposium, Notes, and Computers in Music Research. He is co-author of two textbooks published by Cengage: Techniques and Materials of Music, a music theory textbook with companion website, and Music for Ear Training, a web-based application with workbook for aural skills. Tim Koozin's edited volume on the film music of Fumio Hayasaka and Toru Takemitsu comprises a volume of the Journal of Film Music (2010). For seven years through 2008, he was editor of the Society for Music Theory journal, Music Theory Online. He has taught summer courses at the College Music Society Center for Professional Development in Music Technology, served on College Music Society advisory boards for music theory and music technology, and served as chair of the IT/ Networking Committee of the Society for Music Theory.


Techniques and Materials of Music, theory textbook and website        Website and e-Workbook     Publisher's site: Cengage     

Music for Ear Training, interactive media and workbook      Website     Software downloads and help     Publisher's site: Cengage    

Recent and forthcoming

"Irony, Myth, and Temporal Organization in the Early Songs of Bob Dylan" in This is the Sound of Irony: Music, Politics and the Public Sphere, ed. Katherine L. Turner (Ashgate, 2015).

"Toru Takemitsu's Collaborations with Masahiro Shinoda: The Music for Pale Flower, Samurai Spy and Ballad of Orin" in The Cambridge Companion to Film Music, eds.Mervyn Cooke and Fiona Ford (Cambridge University Press, anticipated in 2015).

"Musical Gesture in the Songs of Nick Drake" in The Cambridge Companion to the Singer-Songwriter, eds. Justin A. Williams and Katherine A. Williams (Cambridge University Press, anticipated in 2016).     

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