Current Students

Kivanc Biber

Geology, Ph.D.

Outcrop characterization of permeability using LIDAR-derived, quantitative data.

Ünal Okyay

Geology, Ph.D.

Integrated ground-based hyperspectral and LiDAR imaging of alterations.

Jingqiu (Daisy) Huang

Geophysics, Ph.D.

Integrated geophysical study of faults

Proma Bhattacharyya

Geology, Ph.D.

Study of paleo fluvial deposits using LiDAR and ground penetrating radar

Diana Krupnik

Geology, Ph.D.

Hyperspectral remote sensing of carbonate reservoir analogues.

Lei Sun

Geology, Ph.D.

Hyperspectral imaging and terrestrial laser scanning of outcrops

Wanda Crupa

Geophysics, Ph.D.

Remote sensing and geomorphology along the Chaman Fault.

Virginia Alonso de Linaje

Geology, M.S.

Close-range hyperspectral imaging

Juhi Aggarwal

Geology, M.S.

Application of geophysical techniques to study sand dune geomorphology

Macey Crockett

Geophysics, B.S.; Webmaster

Ground-based hyperspectral classification of sediment hosted gold.

Evans Onyango

Geophysics, B.S.

Application of ground-based hyperspectral imaging to detect methane.

Ivette Gonzalez

Geophysics, B.S.

Study of storm deposits and coastal erosion using GPR and LiDAR

Graduated Students

Dr. Ismail Abir

PhD, 2016

Faculty, University of Science, Malaysia

Casey Snyder

MS Geology, 2015

Texas Railroad Commission

Dr. John Epps

PhD Geophysics, 2014

Postdoctorate, Texas A&M University

Kirstie Haynie

BS Honors, Geophysics 2014

PhD Candidate, University of Houston

Ayca Karacay

MS Geology, 2013

Turkish Petroleum Corporation

Jessica Quintanar

MS Geology, 2013

BHP Billiton

Kevin Schmidt

MS Geophysics, 2013

Seitel Inc.

Xu Han

MS Geology, 2013


Dr. Shams Ul-Hadi

PhD Geology, 2012

Berger Geosciences

Yahaya Abubakar

MS Geology, 2012


Zheng Huang

MS Geology, 2012

StatOil Inc.

Dr. Yingqian Xiong

PhD Geology, 2011

Ellington & Associates, Inc

Maisam Ottoum

MS Geophysics, 2011

Microseismic Inc

Ezzedeen Alfataierge

BS Honors, Geophysics 2011

ARAMCO; PhD Candidate, University of Houston

Dr. Aziz Ozyavas

PhD Geology, 2010

Assistant Professor, Kocaeli University, Turkey

Dr. Ana Petrovic

PhD Geology, 2010; MS Geology 2006

Nobel Energy

Dr. Damayanti Mukherjee

PhD Geology, 2010

Bureau of Economic Geology, UT

Dr. Sergio Sarmiento

PhD Geology, 2010


Dr. Lize Chen

PhD Geology, 2009

Associate Professor, Institute of Earthquake Science, China

Dr. Richard Engelkemeir

PhD Geology, 2008


Jana Gray

MS Geology, 2007

ION Geophysical

Ron Mart

MS Geology, 2007

Shell Inc.

Jaime Fernandez

MS Geophysics, 2006

ION Geophysical

Sarah Jacobson

MS Geology, 2006

ExxonMobil Inc.

Yardenia Martinez

MS Geology, 2006