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Welcome to the website of Econ 1101-003 course!
Duration of the second part: June 25th - July 6th 2012.
Instructor: Radek Paluszynski
Course syllabus

Downloadable materials:
Lecture slides: Costs of production
Lecture slides: Perfect competition
Lecture slides: Perfect competition: Application
Lecture slides: Monopoly
Lecture slides: Monopoly: Application
Lecture slides: Monopolistic Competition
Lecture slides: Game Theory
Lecture slides: Oligopoly
Lecture slides: Labor market, earnings and inequality (updated 2012-07-02)
Lecture slides: Asymmetric Information
Reading 6
Reading 7
Recitation worksheet: monopoly
Recitation worksheet: supply
Recitation worksheet: intellectual property

Note: These slides are based in a great part on the standard Department of Economics lecture contents for Principles of Microeconomics. Some of them are slightly extended.