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Welcome to the website of Econ 1101-038 course!
Duration of the course: January 22nd - May 10th 2013
Class time: Wednesday, 5.30 - 8.00pm
Location: Blegen Hall 225 (map)
Instructor: Radek Paluszynski

Important course links:
Course syllabus
Course page on Moodle (for readings, practice exams, announcements, forums, ...)
Aplia on-line platform (for turning in homeworks)

Lecture notes:
Preliminary slides Annotated slides Description
week1 week1a Introduction
week2 week2a Supply and Demand
week3 week3a Elasticity
week4 week4a Taxes
week5 week5a Price Controls
week6 week6a Externalities
week7 week7a International Trade
week8 week8a Consumer Theory
week10 week10a Consumer Theory and Demand
week11 week11a Costs and Perfect Competition
week12 week12a Applications of Consumer Theory
week13 week13a Monopoly
week14 week14a Game Theory and Oligopoly
week15 week15a Labor, Earnings and Inequality
week16 week16a Asymmetric Information

Other study materials:
Math refresher (by Simone Civale)
Principles of economics, translated
HW1 data spreadsheet
HW1 questions and instructions
Tips for preparing for the second midterm

Note: The annotated slides may not open properly in some viewer programs (especially the ones with a certain fruit in their logo). I recommend using Adobe Acrobat Reader.