Mathematica notebooks

Before you download any of these files, make sure that   Mathematica is installed on the machine. To download the file, click on the link. If the download fails, (or if the file opens up as a text file), return to this page, right-click the link and select the option, "Save as" . The sofware will prompt you to indicate the location to save the file.

The following links are from Mathematica's Tutorial Web Site.

The Notebooks for the computer projects will be located here.

If you plan to work out of the Social Work Lab, here are instructions for using mathematica on that system. You will need a Social Science NT account . You can obtain one from the Office of Information Technology (basement of the Library). Note: it will take a number of days to activate this account.  You should apply for this account well before the due date of project #1.

Notebooks from lectures will be located here.


For those who would like to look at notebooks on micro and macroeconomic theory, Professor Craig Marcott from St Thomas University prepared a set of files and posted them to his web page. Click here to access this page.