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Paper Format

1. Edit paper before turning it in.

2. Staple pages together.

3. No cover page needed on papers less than five pages long.

4. Number pages starting with the first text page as number 1; do not number the cover page.

5. Use 12-pt. font throughout the paper.

6. The paper should have a title, which should be centered.

7. Double space the text of the paper; you may single space block quotes and the bibliography, and also the section that contains your name, date, and course number.

8. Do NOT bold or italicize all of text.

9. No pencil marks anywhere on the paper--never!

10. 1-inch margins all around on the paper, but you may put the page number within the one-inch margin area.

11. Use clean sheets of paper; do not use the back of a used sheet to print your paper.

12. Avoid cliches, slang, and spell out contractions to produce a more professional paper.

13. Use "U.S." as an adjective and "United States" as a noun.

14. Use black ink only.

15. You should have 22 to 26 lines of text per page.

16. Do NOT italicize and bold at same time.

17. You may use your preferred citation style but be consistent throughout the paper.