Fill-In-The Blanks for Shorlines - Chapter 14

Position the cursor on the small box, click, type in your answer and push return. If you are correct, the answer is given in green. If you are wrong, the correct answer is given for you in red.

  1. If a plate boundary coincides with a coastline the margin is said to be _________ . .

  2. Deep sea sediment consists of a terrigenous component and a ________ component. .

  3. In water depths of about 12,000 feet or deeper there are no particles composed of ____________ . .

  4. Submarine fans and alluvial fans both accumulate where there is a break in _______ . .

  5. An extinct submerged volcano is a _____________

  6. Hot spots are located in the Earth's __________. .

  7. Offshore sandbars are __________ .

  8. The _________ is the distance over which the wind blows on a body of water. .

  9. Breakers form when the water depth is about ________ of the wavelength. .

  10. Gravitational attraction between the Earth and the ________ is the strongest force which produces the tides.. .