getting Started

Even after you assemble your applications, your first experiences with the Internet may be frustrating, especially if you are trying to get an idea as to the type of geoscience resources available on the Internet. Several individuals maintain extensive lists of lists (meta lists) which provide good starting points. Several of the ones that I use are listed below. All of these are periodically reviewed and updated -- an essential feature in my opinion.

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  1. A Geologists Lifetime Field List
    [a for-fun set of links to things geological]

  2. Earth Science Site of the Week
    [A new site is listed "weekly". Check out previous sites which are arranged by subject matter as well as time.]

  3. Geoscience Course Resources on the Internet
    [~ 3,400 resources by subject matter -- Plate Tectonics, Physical, Mineralogy, Petrology, etc.]

  4. Geology Field Trips
    [~100 virtual field trips]

  5. Ian West's Geology Directory
    [Extensive Set of Links, UK]

  6. Web Surfers BiWeekly List
    [extensive links buried within]

Suggestions as to other good overall sites will be appreciated.