Petroluem-Related Resources

Many practicing geophysicists are employed in the petroleum-related industries. The following resources were selected for the wealth of information (in the form of lists of lists) that they offer.

  1. Discovery Place
    "Discovery Place is the premier Internet resource for the Oil and Gas industry."

  2. DownHole Imaging
    [Stanford, CA]

  3. HydroCarbons OnLine
    ["The Hydrocarbon markets (Hydrocarbon Online's scope) can best be defined as serving the needs of engineers, managers, government personnel, and consulting firms involved in hydrocarbon online."]

  4. Introduction to Logging
    [A summary of the characteristics of logging tools and applications.]

  5. Lexco Data Systems
    [Commercial, Offshore Leases and Databases]

  6. OffShore sTechnology
    [the Website for the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry]

  7. Oil Network News

  8. Oil Link
    [extensive links for petroleum related topics]

  9. Oil OnLine
    ["Oil OnLine, based in Houston, Texas, the Capital of the Oil Industry, is a FREE service where in only 5 MINUTES you can...check stocks, access late breaking industry news, review career opportunities, scan product releases, locate past associates, look up addresses, view rig counts, research industry data, purchase maps, join an association..."]

  10. Petroleum Internet Resources
    [extensive petroleum-related links]