geophysical Research Organizations

  1. Allied Geophysical Laboratories
    [University of Houston]

  2. Center for Wave Phenomena
    [Colorado School of Mines]

  3. CREWS
    [Consortium for Research in Elastic Wave Exploration Seismology]

  4. CSIRO, Australia

  5. Department of Energy

  6. GeoAcoustics Laboratory
    [University of Miami]

  7. Geophysical Consortia
    [Extensive List maintained by Stanford]

  8. Geophysics Institute
    [University of Alaska]

  9. IGPP - Whole Earth Geophysics
    [Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Geophysics, UCSD]

  10. Institute of Geophysics
    [ETH - Zurich]

  11. Institue of Geophysics and Planetary Physics
    [University of California]

  12. Laboratory of Seismics and Acoustics
    [Delft University of Technology]

  13. Los Alamos National Labs
    [Energy Research]

  14. Neopolis List of Geophysical Organizations

  15. Numerical Research Group for Supercomputers
    [U. Karlsruhe]

  16. Parallel Processing Laboratory
    [Colordao School of Mines]

  17. Quake
    [an NSF Grand Challenge Project]

  18. Seismological Laboratory
    [California Institute of Technology]