General Geophysical Reference Materials

Like life, some things just don't fit nicely into defined categories; thus, the need for a General Section. These resources, in the author's opinion will be of value to the practicing geophysicist.

  1. Applied Geophysics Links
    [from the University of British Colmbia]

  2. College-Level Geophysics Courses
    [Links to geophysics courses with Internet-based course resources]

  3. Geophysics from the GeoMine

  4. Geophysical Internet Resources
    [links to other geoscience resources]

  5. Geophysical Studies of the Bay Area
    [San Francisco, CA]

  6. Geophysical Resources
    [from the University of Calgary]

  7. Geoscience Information by Themes
    [from the U.S. Geological Survey]

  8. Ground Penetrating Radar
    [Case Studies from the University of British Columnia]

  9. Inversion Resorces
    [from the University of British Columbia]

  10. OREFUS
    [Geophysics Links from the Netherlands]

  11. Salt Tectonics
    [Professor Giovanni Guglielmo, University of Texas]

  12. Science Central
    [Geophysics, Seismology and Volcanology]