Environmental Data

  1. Center for Earth Observation
    [Yale University - extensive image archive]

    [Information for a Changing World]

  3. EPA Software and Databases

  4. Geoscience Research arranged by State

  5. Government Information -- Public Access
    [NOAA is the steward of environmental data and information for the Nation. These data represent the environmental history of the country since its inception. Over this past year significant amounts of data have become available on line, either through direct access or on-line orders. ]

  6. National Geophysical Data Center
    [extensive environmental data]

  7. Natural Resources Atlas of Canada

  8. Whats New in Geophysics at NGDC
    [You can register for email notification of new products.]

  9. Spatial Data
    [Maintained by Ohio State University]

  10. Ecosystem Data

  11. the World Data Center System
    [Data acquisition, storage and distribution are expensive, WDCs cost money, but they are cost-effective in transferring data to users, and their operational costs represent a tiny fraction of worldwide scientific activity.]

  12. World Data Center - A
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