Electrical, Gravity and Magnetics Data

  1. Altimetry Data and Documents

  2. Canadian Regional Geophysical Data
    [Aeromagnetics Program - Geophysical Applications Program - Geophysical Data Centre]

  3. GEODAS Worldwide Geophysics Databases
    [GEODAS (GEOphysical DAta System) is an interactive database management system developed by the National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC) for use in the assimilation, storage and retrieval of geophysical data. The GEODAS software is presently being used with three types of data: Marine Trackline Geophysical Data -- Hydrographic (bathymetric) Survey Data -- Aeromagnetic Survey Data]

  4. Geodesy and Geophysics
    [NIMA(GIMG), Geodesy and Geophysics Department, National Imagery and Mapping Agency]

  5. Natural Resources Atlas of Canada

  6. Ocean Bottom Magnetology Laboratory
    [links to sources of magnetic data]

  7. JPL Physical Oceanography Distributed Active Archive Center
    [ The first calibrated measurements from the SeaWinds instrument on the QuikSCAT satellite are now available from the JPL Physical Oceanography Distributed Active Archive Center. ]

  8. World Data Center - A
    [| Gravity | Heatflow | Hotsprings | Magnetics | Natural Hazards | Topography ]

  9. World Data Center for Geomagnetism
    [Solar Terrestrial Physics Division, Danish Meteorological Institute]