Will of William Mount

Will of William Mount : 1743 - 1818

William Mount married Rebecca Cox and served as a Private in Nixon's Troop of Light Horse during the Revolutionary War. Ezekiel Dye married Rebecca's sister Elizabeth Cox and served with William during the War. William's grandfather was Thomas Mount.

In the name of God Amen. I William Mount of Upper Freehold in the County of monmouth and State of New Jersey being weak in body but of sound mind memory and understanding for which blessing I most devoutly thank my God do make and publish thus my last will and Testament in manner and form following. First I commend my soul to the hands of Almighty God that gave it and my body to be devoutly buried. Second it is my will and I do order that all my just debts and fundeal expences be duly paid and satisfied as soon as conveneently can be after my decease.

Item. I give and devise unto my two sons Abijah Mount and Addison Mount the Homsted farm where I now live on and the wood land I own over Cranbery Brook in the township of South Amboy. Adjoining lands of Martin Schenck and others. Also twenty six acres of wood land adjoining Benjamin Vanschork and as much off of the lot I own adjoining it as will make said lot contain thrity acres. Also I devise and bequeath unto my two sons aforesaid Abijah and Addison all my personal estate wxcept what I shall hereafter bequeath to them their heirs and assigns forever excepting as much as shall be necessary to pay my just debts and other necessary expenses of settling my estate. Also my will is that if either of my sons Abijah or Addi Mount shall wish a division of the real and personal estate aforesaid I devise and bequeath they shall each of them appoint one respectable freeholder to make partition of the aforesaid farm and out lands and to divide the personal estate in two equal shares and if the two men so appointed cannot agree they shall call to their assistance one other respectable freeholder and their report in writing or the report of any two of them containing course and distance of noted monuments of the real estate and describing the personal property such division shall be conclusive as if the same had been done by order of any Court of New Jersey.

Item. I give and devise unto my son Hiram Mont all the farm or plantation where he now lives eastward of Thomas Emlays mill together will all my outlands excepting what I have already devised if he pays the following legacies that is to say he shall pay my son David Mount one Thousand dollars on the first day of April one thousand eight hundred and twenty five and to pay my daughter Achsah Ely thirteen hundred dollars on the first day of APril one Thousand Eight hundred and twenty five and pay twelve hundred dollars to my daughter Mary Ely (married George G. Ely who founded Batavia, Clermont County, Ohio) and my son Hezekiah has already received full compensation of y son Hiram Mount for one Thousand dollars that would have been his due the first day of April on Thousand Eight hundred and twenty five for which I discharge my son Hiram Mount from any payment to my son Hezekiah Mount. And if my son Hiram mount shall neglect or refuse to pay the above mentioned sums to David Mount, Achsah Ely (she married Sheriff John J. Ely) and Mary Ely for the space of one year after the first day of April one thousand eight hundred and twenty five then my will is that my executors shall sell the aforesaid farm and outlands which I have devised unto my son Hiram Mount at published Vendue and pay the money arising from the sales thereof in manner following. First my will is that they pay my daughter Achsah Ely thirteen hundred dollars and they pay my daughter Mary Ely twelve hundred dollars and the remainder of the money arising from the sales of said farm and outlands my will that it shall be equally divided among my three sons David Mount, Hiram Mount and Hezekiah Mount only as before stated that my son Hiram Mount has satisfied my son Hezekiah Mount for his share and my son Hiram Mount shall have two shares and my son David Mount one share of the residue of the money arising from the sales of the aforesaid farm and outlands and in addiion what I have already ordered to be paid unto my two daughters Achsah Ely and Mary Ely it is my will and I do order that my two sons Abijan and Addi Mount pay to my two daughters Achsah Ely and Mary Ely two hundred dollars each in one year after my decease.

And also I give and bequeath to my two daughters Achsah Ely and Mary Ely all the money or gifts belonging to me or due me from my father in law Thomas Cox or my mother in law Sarah Coxes estates xxxxxxxxx that my two daughters aforesaid shall have all the money that my late wife Rebekah Mount herself or I myself have or shall have as one of the legatees of my aforesaid father and mother in laws estates. And also I give and bequeath unto my daughter Achsah Ely one feather bed and one set of light curtins one white bedspread two blankets four sheets two pair of pillow cases on dining table one bedsted and six xxxx Windson chairs. I give and I bequeath unto my daughter Mary Ely one bed one bedsted and curtains two of my best calico bed spreads two blankets two pair of pillow cases four sheets one large looking glass and also my will is that the last mentioned money that I have bequeathed unto my two daughters Achsah Ely and Mary Ely that come from the estate of my father and mother Coxes estates be divided between them share and share alike and further my will is that the land division or moeny or goods bequeatherd to any of my sons of daughters that I have devised and bequeathed to them their heirs and assigns foreverr and also my will is that my daughter Mary Ely shall receive her legacy of twelve hundred dollars so far bequeatherd on the first day of April one Thousand Eight hundred and twenty five and further it is my will is that if wither of my two sons Abijah Mount or Addi Mount die before they arrive t othe age of twenty one years and leave lawfull heirs such heir or heirs shall be entitled to his fathers share but it either of them die without any lawfull heir and before they arrive to the age of twenty one years then my will is that the surviving one shall have the whole of his deceased brothers share or shares and in that case my will is that the surviving one of my two sons pay any other five children or their heirs the sum of seven hundred and fifty dollars to be equally divided among them shar and share alike.

And lastly I appoint my son in law John J. Ely (married Achsah Mount) and my son Hiram Mount executors to this my lTestament and last will. In witness where of I have hereunto set my name and seal this fifteenth day of January in the Year of our Lord one Thousand Eight hundred and Eighteen 1818.

Signed, sealed ublished and declared by the said William Mount to be his testament and last will inthe presence of us the day and year above. Witnessed by:

Enoch Chamberlin
Richard Cox
Ann Ely.

[Enoch Chamberlin was the father of Deborah and Elizabeth Chamberlin who each married Hezekiah Mount, son of William Mount. Hezekiah moved west to Indiana. Enoch married Rachel Mount, the daughter of Ezekiel Mount, the uncle of WIlliam Mount.

A Richard Cox was the brother of William Mount's wife Rebecca.

Ann Chamberlin Ely was the mother of John J. Ely and the mother in law of Achsah Ely.]

A true and perfect inventory of all and singular goods, rights, chattels, and credits of William Mount late of the township of Upper Freehold in the County of Monmouth deceased made by us whose names are hereunto subscribed the twenty fourth day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred an eighteen. 1818.

purse - $6.02 and wearing apparel $40.00 $46.02
one lot of white valents and calico bed spreads $9.30
one set of light colored curtins and one set of xxxxx $12.50
one large looking glass and six xxxx chairs $10.00
one 32 day clock desk and book case and small looking glass $78.
one cherry dining table and oil cloath $7.00
two xxxx, one pair of andirons, shovel and tongues $5.76
one walnut breakfast table and six rush bottom chairs $7.50
one gun, 2 jugs with their contents and lumber $5.00
one pair of brass candlesticks and the family bible $1.50
10 and 3/11 yards of black broadcloth and xxxx maple $24.00
one round breakfast table, one dining table and oil clouth $6.50
one square stand and small looking glass $3.75
one pair of andirons, two decanters tumblers, wine glasses and earthen $7.87
one pair of brass toped andirons, shovel and tongues $4.50
one lot of teapots , silver spoons and sughar tongues $3.00
lot of linnen and muslin belonging to the light curtins $5.00
1 3/4 yards smouk coulered broad cloath and 9 1/4 yds of linnen $8.372
iron ware and earthen in south most room cupboard $10.00
9 yards of linnen and xxxx of flax linnen and yarn and 8 chairs $10.00
1 pair of andirons, shovel, tounges and smoothing irons $3.50
one xxxx cradle , bellowes and lumber in the back room cupboard $2.00
5 yards of xxxx and linnen clouth 42 3/11 yards of xxx broadclouth $5.43
one field bedstead and cord basket and lumber in the cupboard $6.50
one feather bed underbed boalsters and pillows in back room below $20.00
one kitchen table xxxxx andirons, shovel, tounges and barrels $7.25

carry forward $329.45

[the next pages are heavily stained] xxxxxxxxxbake oven, one griddle and one frying pan $7.00
xxxx xxxx tea kettle, syrup ladels and toaster $7.50
XXXX XXXXX and tumblers in the kitchen cupboard $3.50
xxxx bench and washing machine xxxx $5.00
xxxx xxxx two hogsheads and one barrel $11.00
hook and corn baskets $5.00
xxxx grindstone and blacksmith xxxx $32.00
all the wood from and lumber in and about the blacksmith shop $15.00
two ploughs, harrow and xxxx in the xxx house $13.50
one lot of steel carpenters tools, timber and waggon body outside the yard $9.00
one break two corn harrows one plough lumber fill on plank and rakes $19.50
two xxx of xxxx and old lumber and boards in the barnyard $2.00
two farm waggons and hay and straw in the old barn $85.00
two hogsheads full )?) on plank , timber sleigh boards and wood sled $44.00
two xxx of harrow, rakes, and xxxx $5.00
rye and corn cutting box, cask and lumber in the barn $11.65(?)
one windmill one half bushel wire riddle corn basket and shovel $14.00
hay in the barn, 5 pitchforks, rakes and straw in the new barn $119.00
two hogs, corn in the crib, three xxxx calves $131.00
18 sheep, 4 lambes, 10 cows, heifers and bag of oats in stack $404.50
30 stacks of stalks and stack of rakins(?) $18.00
one rooles and plough, clevisis on chains, one plough, swivel trees, waggon and plough gear $32.00
one brown horse and brown mare, one gray horse, one bay colt 3 years old $240.00
one bay colt one year old, hay in the cow hourse, and spoke stuff (?) $29.00
one weavers loom, barrels, and one bed set (?) cord and woolen sheets $11.50
cask xxxx lime, cask xxxx, corn, salt and lumber in the old house chamber $11.00
xxxx by the stacks, quartering pots, and sythes , buckweat moving sythes and stacking watering pot and cradle $15.00
one beatle wedge, shovels, axes, dairy forks, xxxx hook and lumber in the yead $8.00
meat casks and paddock in smoak house $65.56
one sythe, spade, sweet potatoes, and bed, bedding, bed stead
cord and other lumber in the negros room $5.50
one trough one tub one pair of stuleg (?) and one steel trap $5.25
one xxx and soap, bench, shovel, rope and lumber in the out sellar $6.00
one lot of potatoes, two tubs, shaxxxx benches, churn, soap fat and lumber $13.80
two wisky barrels, kegs and jugs in the closet $27.20
two casks of pork, cask of beef, cask of vinegar and one pipe of apples $49.00
four hogsheads and cider and empty hogsheads and barrels in the cellar $38.00

carried forward $1912.01

one barrel and tallow butter and xxxx potatoes and apples in the cellar $10.20
one lot of lumber in the cellar $0.25
linnen sheets, 14 pair of linnen pillow cases $52.50
17 sheats, 3 pairs of pillow cases, table cloths $35.35
one table, one chest, two stands, 6 white windsor chairs $15.00
one bed and bedding, bed and cord and 10 blankets $62.50
4 table cloths, 4 towells, one bed spread, and four coverlids $45.00
9 coverlids, 4 bed spreads, one chest, one large chair and couch $29.50
1 looking glass, flax seed, xxx bed and bedding, bedstead $15.75
3 bedsteds and cords, chair and lumber $71.00
lot of flax, two wheals and wollen wheel in the garret $16.41
lot of shoe leather, saddle bags and bed stead in the garret $14.xx
one negro man named SipQuan and one negro woman Hannah for three years $280.00
one negro boy named Aron and one girl named Lydia subject to an act for the gradual abolition of slavery $120.00
maneur in and around the barnyard, empty poultry xxx, barrel, sausage stuffer, one hatchet and xxxx $44.60
gold scales, iron bound xxxx, and pitchers, and one xxxx wheel $3.00
amount of notes and accounts
due from Thomas Cox, executor of Sarah Cox deceased $247.00
Lewis Chamberlin's note $250.00
Interest due on said note $34.00
ballance due on James Dukes bond of principle and interest $132.82
amt of Robert Debow(?) due ballance $145.54
interest on said due bill $17.50
John J. Ely note $100.00
interst on said note $113.30
due from John J. Ely for $127.30
due from Joseph Kerby $85 interest on the same $87.97
ballance due on William Storey bond of principle and interest $75.00
amt Hezekiah Mount note $65.00
interest on note $18.48
amt of ballance William Johnson and bond note of principle and interest $64.33
amt of a debt due from Abraham Johnson $32.00
due from the township of South Amboy on due bill given xxxx $24.00
Carry forward $4180.69

amt of John Chamberlin note, Jun. note$15.65
interest on said note $5.50
amt of Ezekiel Tentrain (?) assigned by Ebenezir Tiltman $40.00
amt of Jacob Anderson note due for principle and interest $22.53
due on book from David Cloark $8.00
due on book from William Osborn $1.40
due on debt from Ephriam Lemmon Sr. $3.06
due on book from Hezekiah Mount $7.62
Amount of Notes Supposed Desperate
Rubin Sutfin note $11.00
interest on the same $2.11
amt of Jacob Riddle note $18.35
interest due $10.31
amt of Cabal Walton acc supposed desperate $11.67
amt of Jacob Baird note supposed desperate balance of principle and interest $26.00 amt on John Reynolds note $16.65
Total $4388.40