Will of William Dey/Dye

Will of William J. Dey : 1754 - 1824

William was the son of Joseph Dey and Martha Holman. He married Margaret Perrine, daughter of Captain Peter and Sarah Scanlon Perrine. Margaret filed a Pension Application in 1837.

In the name of God Amen. I William J. Dey of the township of South Amboy in the County of Middlesex and in the state of New Jersey, being in a weak and low state of health but of a dispossing mind and memory and knowing that it is apppointed for all men to die do make and ordain this to be my last will and testament.

That is to say, First, I order my body to be buried in a Christian manner at the discretion of my executors hereafter named and my sole I I leave to that God that gave it.

2) I give and bequeath unto my well beloved wife Margaret [Perrine, daughter of Captain Peter and Sarah Scanlon Perrine] all my farms and moveable property as it now stands during her life and after her decease then it is my will that my son Gilbert I Dey shall have the whole property that shall be left - both real (?) and personal except one bed and bedding and one cow I give to my daughter Catherine, to him and his assigns forever by paying the following legacies. Namely to my Seth Dey fifty dollars to him his heirs of assigns, and also twenty dollars to my daughter Sary (Sarah) Herbert the wife of James Herbert and also to my daughter Marthy Huff the wife of William Huff and also to pay to Peter Dey my son the interest of fifty dollars until his son Joseph shall come of age and then the principle to be paid to him and also he is to pay my daughter Cahterine Dey the sum of one hundred and twenty five dollars and also to pay my son William W. Dey the sum of one hundred dollars. These legacies not to be paid until four years after the decease of my self and wife and lastly I do hereby constitute and appoint Jacob Hiffer (?) my son Seth, Lewis and Gilbert I. Dey executors of this my last will and testament. In witness where of I have hereunto set my hand and seal this fifteenth day of october in the year of our Loard eighteen hundred and twenty two. 1822

Signed, sealed, published and pronounced by him the said William J. Dey as said for his last will and testament.

John Dey, Esq.
Joseph Anderson
Joseph L. Dey

A true and perfect inventory of all and singular the goods and chattels rights and credits of William J. Dey, late of the townshiip of South Amboy in the County of Middlesex deceased. Mde by us whose names are hereunto subscribe the 23 day of December eigghteen hundred twenty three.

His apparel $18.
furniture in the parlor $76.37
furniture inthe kitches $20.25
furniture up the kitchen stairs $13.
furniture the the back xxxxx $34.50
furniture up stairs in the northwest $19.
furniture in the south $36.50
xxxx and linnens and sundries $22.25
potatoes, apples and sundries $23.25
xxxx tackel, beas and hives $15.
xxxx wod lot $45.
horned cattle $75
waggon and harness $18.5
a crib of corn and a stack of rye $76.5
foder and hay in the barn flax $34.5
sheep and poultry and boars $47.46
grain on the ground $30

Total $631.83

Appraised by us the day and year above written

John Dey Esq
Abraham Bergen