Will of Thomas Dye

Will of Thomas Dye/Dey

Thomas Dye was the son of John and Mary Applegate Dye and the brother of Ezekiel Dye. He married Nancy Unknown.

In the name of God Amen

I Thomas Dey of South Amboy in the County of Middlesex and State of New Jersey being in perfect health and of sound mind and memory thanks be given to Almight God therefore now calling to mind the mortality of my body and believing it is once appropriate for all men to die do now make and ordain this my last will and testament

Principally and first of all I recommend my soul to God who gave it and my body to the Earth to be buried in a Decent and Christian like manner at the discretion of my executors hereafter names. Dated this seventh day of may eighteen hundred and eight

I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Nancy her choice of one of my beds and bedding and as many of my household goods as she may think proper to take to keep house with and her choice of one of my cows and the interest of three hundred pounds yearly to be paid her and to come out of each legattes share in proportion to what each shall share or receive in Lieu of her right of dower. The releasing her right to my Estate in twenty days after my decease.

I will and ordain that all my estate both real and personal shall be sold and the money arrising therefrom shall be divided as the law directs among my sons and daughter that is the sons two shares and the daughter one.

I give and bequesth unto my grand daughter Nancy Dey daughter of my son Joseph the one third part of one of my daughters share be the same more or less to her and her assigns but in case she the said Nancy should die before she arrives to the age of twenty one years then her share shall divide equally among my sons and daughter share and share alike.

I hereby nominate constitute and appoint my sons Amos Dey, Ezekiel Dey and Enoch Dey to be xxxx this my last will and testament. Published, Pronounced and Declared by the said Thomas Dey to be his last will of testament in the presence of us the surrogates.

Arbaham Scott
John J. Dey
signed by Thomas Dye.

Inventory of Thomas Dey/Dye

a wheel $11.50
cash $29.36
one sorrel mare $30.00 cow $15.00
one waggon and harness $38
one bed, beding, bedstead and cord in the back room $20.
one bed in the chamber $23.
one iron pott and one kettle $1.50
one cask and 7 bottles $0.50
one chest and one meal chest $2.25
one small xxxx and one gum(nn?) $0.76
one stand one desk and two bags $4.25
one small trunk and two xxxx bags $0.75
three pewter platters and three pewter plates $2.00
one teapot one coffee pot one plate lid $0.50
one gunn $1.00
two razors and one strop $0.25
one large waggon $15.
one large wheel and one pair of iron wedges $2.00
one Sealed Bill against William Gordon and John Mount dated the 8th day of April 1818(10?) amount of principal $776.24
Interest due thereon $30.47
one sealed bill against William Gordon and John Mount same date principal $1000
interest until this date one year 7 mo. & 25 days $115.70
one sealed bill against xxx same date principal $1000
interest until this date being one year 7 mo & 25 days $115.70
one sealed bill against Frazy(?) Ayrer (?) dated this 27 july 1813 principal & interest, part doubtful $130.10
one NOTE of above dated may 21, 1818 equal principal and interest to the date xxxx doubtful $ 52.20
Total amount $3,421.2

Appraised by us
Robert McChensey and John J. Dey