Will of Richard Mount

Abstract of Will of Richard Mount, 1691 - 1777

Richard Mount married (1) Rebecca Unknown, (2) Rachel Cox and (3) Elizabeth Seabrook. He was the father of Thomas Mount (1) and the grandfather of Richard, William, Samuel, John and Hezekiah Mount.

Richard Mount of Upper Freehold Township, Monmouth County, New Jersey. Wife Elizabeth (Seabrook) Mount to have 150 lbs and the goods she brought when I married her. I have in his lifetime given to my oldest son Thomas a reasonable share. To Richard Mount, the eldest son of the said Richard (does he mean Thomas? who died in 1777), deceased, 5 shillings. SOns, Michael and Samuel, all my lands except hereafter devised. Samuel's part is to be for him during his life, and after his death, to his son Richard. Grandsons James Mount, Jesse Mount, William Mount and Ezekiel Mount, sons of my son, Ezekiel, deceased, the land where I dwell, which is bounded in part by lands that lately belonged to William Vaughanm Deceased, which land was designed for me by my son Ezekiel, deceased. Daughter in law, Rebekah Mount, if she be my son Ezekiel's widow, may enjoy the said land till the said William is 21. My eldest daughter, Rebekah Bates, widow, 50 lbs. Daughter Marcy, wide of David Stout, 100 lbs in trust, to be held by my son, Ezekiel, and he pay the interest, but if she be left a widow to have the principle. If she die, then 40 lbs is to be paid to her son, Samuel Vaughan and other other 60 lbs to the rest of her children. Daughter Patience, the wife of Robert Gordon 100 lbs which is to be in the hands of my son-in-law Peter Sexton, and he is to pay her the interest but if she die then to be paid to her 3 daughters. To the children of my late daughter, the wide of Peter Sexton, deceased, 100 lbs to be in the said Peter's hands which he is to give to his children as they come of age. HYoungest daughter, Rebekah, 100 lbs to be paid to her husband, James Sexton. Wife, Elizabeth, eldest daughter Rebekah Bates, son Michael, son Samuel, daughter Mercy Stout, Rebekah Sexton, the residue.

Executors - son Michael, myh sons-in-law, Peter Sexton and James Sexton and my friend Thomas Farr. Witnesses - Christopher Morris, Hugh Gaston, Daniel Gaston, Proved August 11, 1777.

Inventory of 2,228 lbs.