Will of Richard Mount

Will of Richard Mount : 1741 -1825

In the name of God, Amen. I Richard Mount of the township of Upper Freehold in the county Monmouth and state of New Jersey, being weak in body but of sound mind xxxxxxxxxx for which blessing I most devotely thank God, do make & publish this my last will and testament in manner and form following xxxxx.

First It is my will and I do order that all my just debts and funeral expenses be duly paid and satisfied as soon as conveniently can be after my decease.

Item I give unto my beloved wife Ann during her widowhood all the privildge of the backroom below in my dwelling house and the entery and the room above and to have the liberty to do her work in the kitchen as long as she remains my widdow also to have two Beds and beding and two sets of curtains all the linen belonging to the house all the crockey wear in the corner cup board a half a dozen silver tea spoons one breakfront and one of my xxxx and silver table spoons one desk and Bookcase Carpets on the floors and to have one xxxx as her own property and the covered xxxx Wagon also to my wife xxxx I give and bequeath the sum of 100 pounds to be paid in one year after my demise and one hundred pounds the year following and to have 100 pounds the next year following and to have one horse for her use when she may want the same to use and to be kept on the farm for her use further of my wife Ann xxxx and shale Relever her right of dower to my executors of my estate and that within 20 days after my decease and she does xxxx Release the same then the above bequest to be void and of no effect.

Item I give and divise to my son Thomas Mount all the lands, tenements heredetiments and real estate of the Farm whereon he now lives and also 20 acres of Woodland on the farm which I freer-shared with Peter Dey by his paying 900 dollers in four years after my decease without Interest to him and to his Heirs and assigns forever.

Item I give and divise unto my son Peter Mount all the lands tenements heredetiments and real estate of the Farm whereon he now lives to him and to his Heirs and assigns forever.

Item I give and divise unto my son William Mount all the lands tenements heredetaments and real estate fo the Farm whereon I now live also 10 acres of Woodland on the farm which freer leased of Peter Dey aforesaid by his paying $3000 in four years after my decease with Interest. I also give xxxx one Wagon and set of harness and one plough one corn harrow and one half of the grain that may be on the ground at the time of my decease. The first half to descend to my estate as xxxx movable to him xxxx William Mount and to his Heirs and assigns forever.

Item I and bequeath unto my daughters xxxx of $3,100 to be equally divided among them share and share alike that xxxx to Rachel xxxx $50 which she has had Two Margaret excepting $290 and an order which I paid at xxxx Two my daughter Nancy one equal share Two Rebecca excepting X hundred dollers which she has had Two my daughter Mary one equal share Two mydaughter Lydia's children one equal share to be divided among them share and share alike. Should my xxxx daughters die before they arrive to full age a xxxx to have such share or shares shall descend to survivor or survirors equally if all have died before of age and then the same shale descend to my estate to be divided among my daughters share and share alike.

Item I give unto Lydia bound daughter of Lydia my daughter one bed to them and unto their Heirs and assigns forever Two Euphima excepting $420 which she has had I do hereby order all my xxxx estate to be sold after my decrease and all the xxxxx bequests to be paid and if an over xxxx of the same to xxxx my daughters have xxxxx to them and to their Heirs and assigns forever

Lastly appoint my three sons above named to wit Thomas, Peter and William Executors of my last will and testament.

Richard Mount - "X" his mark

October 16

In the presence of us John M Davison
Samuel x Edwards
George M. Baa

John Davison one of the countersigns to the foregoing will being duly sworn according to law did declare and say that he saw Richard Mount testator therein named sign and seal the same and heard him publish pronounce and declare the said writing to be his last will and testament and that at the doing there off the said testator was of sound and dispossessing mind and memory as xxxx and that Samuel Edwards and George M. Reed the other subscribing witnesses were present at the same time and signed their names as witnesses to the said will together with this deponent in the presence of the said testators sworn township at Freehold August 8, 1825 before me

P.C. Vanderhaf, Surrograte

Thomas Mount, Peter Mount and William Mount, the Executors within testament named being duly sworn ascending to law did depose and say that the goods chattels and credits within the writing contain the true last will and testament of Richard Mount the testator therein named in as far as they know and as they xxxx believe that they will xxx and truly xxx the same by paying xxxxx as xxxx and xxxx and then the legacy xxxxxxxxxxxx.


A true and xxxx of Inventory of all and singular goods xxxx rights and credits of Richard Mount late of the township of Upper Freehold, county of Monmouth, deceased those whos names are hereinto subscribed, the 10th day of July, 1825.

apparel $25.00
1 brown horse blind - $3.00
xxxx brown cow - $10.00
a xxxx cow - $10.00
a xxxx red cow - $16.00
a red cow with a star - $16.00
a deep red cow - $ 16.00
a small dark bull - $ 8.00

Total - $ 122.00

lot Tin Ladel and flesh fork $0.70
saltpeter $2.00
coffee pot blicky snuffers & corckery ware 0.75
two tables in the kitcher $1.50
9 bags for grain $ 2.25
Samuel Mount's Note $1338.33
Redford Job Note $2,801.87
Charles Butchers Board $$ 581.43
Thomas Mounts Note $109.00
Thomas Mounts Note $ 107.3x
Thomas Mounts Note $ 75.00
Peter G. Bergens Notes - 4 in number - $509.27 Peter Mounts Note - $454,30

Total $5,915.

Jacob Leedum & Cornelious Leedium's notes $990.13
Jacob Leedum's Notes - $ 190.60
Aaron and Samule Mounts Notes - 2 in no. - $ 315.38
John Conover Note - $302.55
Samuel Ely's Notes - THREE in Number - $ 470.96
John xxxxx Note - $ 104.68
Joseph G Reed & William Reed's Notes - $ 108.88
Samuel Edward's Note - $43.60
William Mount's Notes - $222.29
John P. Covenhoven Notes = $ 11.33
John L. Dey & Henry T. Freeman Notes - $42.42

Eight day clock - $40.00
dining tabe - $4.10
brakefaste table - $3.00

Total $2847.07

barrels and xxxx $2.00
saddle $1.00
3 xxxx$ 1.50
shovel tongs and an irone in the kitchen $1.50
frying pan and gridiron $1.75
bake oven $1.50
xxxx iron kettle $2.00
;large iron pot $1.00
two iron pots $2.00
xxxx iron kettle $0.50
xxxx kettle and griddle $2.00
two xxxx two cigons and morter $ 0.75
two iron candlesticks & Lot of Crockery ware $0.50
gun $1.00

total $18.00

right and patent plough no 10 $1.00
a large trough $0.50
XXX three pronged Fork $0.50
one xxxx chain $0.75
cuting box$1.00
two grubing hoes fork and chain $2.00
meat tub
three hives of bees 6.00
grindstone $1.50
lye tub
xxxx grain and salt
cheese rack $2.00
three iron bound hogsheads %5.00
two open hogsheads $0.25
hogshead wood bound $0.75

total $29.25

Hay in the barn two tons and a half $15.00
xxxx mill $15.00
xxxx in the sheaf $5.00
75 bushels in the crib at $0.40 $30.00
Lot of old harness $2.00
scythe and tackeling $0.75
xxxx in the waggon house chamber $0.25
beete and wedges and auger $1.50
3 corn baskets $0.50
3 corn hoe drag shovel and spade & garden spade $2.00
barrels $0.50
sleigh $15.00
15 harrow teeth $1.50
pattent plough $2.00

Total $91.00

brindle cow $14.00
lame cow $10.00
yoke of oxen$40.00
large red Bull $20.00
Brown Heifer $6.00
red heifer $6.00
red heifer with sick belly $4.50
3 calves $5.00
15 sheep $7.50
17 swine $45.00
50 bushels of rye in stalks at $0.50/B $25.00
95 bushels of rye in barn at $50 PB $47.50
12 bushels in stack $10.00
Total $264.50

xxxx - $1.00
10 winder chairs - $3.00
8 common chairs - $ 2.00
andirons, shovel and forge - $2.00
two brass candlesticks - $ 0.50 one green winder chair - $ 3.00
a round top table - $1.00 mirror or looking glass - $ 6.00
dish cup board - $3.00
small table or dresser table - $1.00
chest - $ 0.75
a lot of leather - $2.00
a lot of books - $0.50
bed bolster and pillow - $8.00

Total $ 33.75

armchair - $ 8.50
desk - $2.00
looking glass - $0.75
iron andirons - $ 0.75
meat cask in the garret - $ 3.00
hogshead in the garret - $ 0.50
meat chest bread tray and meat tray - $1.50
3 old casks - $0.70
great wheel - $1.00
two small wheels - $ 3.00
xxxx and real - $0.10
bed in the garret as it stands - $ 3.00
barrel of cider spirits - $12.30
3 whiskey barrels - $ 1.00

Total - $30.20

barrel and cider Royal - $ 2.00
half barrel - $ 0.50
cask and fish - $1.00
cask&pickel port - $ 10.00
tub of soap - $4.00
finkens and gum and xxxx - $0.25
cheese hoop and half bushel - $0.25
a lot xxxx - $0.25
a lot of milk pans - $0.50
earthen pots and xxxx - $0.25
a firken of butter - $5.00
gum of fine salt - $1.00
barrell of meat - $ 0.50
flour barrel and benches - $ 0.25

Total - $25.60

small kettle - $2.00
millet - $0.30
knives, fork and box - $0.20
heelyard and clothe line - $1.00
large xxxx kettle - $ 7.00
3 washing tubs - $ 1.50
swill barrel - $0.12
bed and cord - $1.50
box and old iron - $0.55
keg and vinegar - $1.00
dye tub - $0.25
lot of old lumber - $0.12
churn and apparatus - $ 1.00
Tihissa coloured woman and her child - $100.00

Total $116.60

Jack a coloured Boy - $100.00
wool and the carding machine - 20 pounds - $12.00
pick ax - $0.50
hatchet - $1.00
xxxx cloth - 5.5 years $5..50
corn on the ground - $120.00
fallow harrow - $0.50

Total $239.50

patent plough - $5.00
iron and winnow - $2.00
farm wagon - $15.00
farm wagon - $60.00
brindle cow - $16.00
brown mare - $80.00
bed and bedding and beadstead and curtains - $20.00
dark brown case and contents - $20.00
silver spoons - $25.00
carpet - $2.00
crockery ware in the xxxxx - $ 5.00
xxxxxxxxx - $35.00
1 chair - $6.00
xxxx and contents - $10.00
4 coverletts 4 blankets and xxxx - $10.00
bed bolster and pillows - $15.00
underbed - $1.00
dining table and breakfast table - $15.00
painted carpet - $2.00
Total $ 343.00


Appraised by us the day above Written Abraham Johnson, John Perrine, jr.,

John Perrine, one of the appraisers of the foregoing inventory being duly sworn xxxx law did declare and say the goods chatels and credits in the said Inventory set down and specified xxx by them appraised according to their just and true respective rates and values after the best of his judgment and understanding and that Abraham Johnson the other appraise whose name is thereto published to as present at the same time and xxxx in all things to the doing thereof in that they appraised all things that were brought to their lein for appraisement xxxx transcribed at Freehold, August 8, 1825 before me.

Thomas R. Mount, Peter Mount and William R. Mount, the Executors of the said Richard Mount dec xxx being formally sworn did declare that the foregoing writing Contains a true and perfect Inventory all and singular the goods chatels credits of the said deceased as far as come to their knowledge or xxxx or to the xxx of any other person or persons their use ---- sworn and Subscribed at Freehold. Aug 8th, AD 1825 before me.


41.42.43 ----

9612 (stamped) - M recorded in book B of will folio 45-N surrogate office of Monmouth. -- signed.