Will of Richard Mount

Will of William Tillyer : ???? - about 1739

In the name of God, Amen, December 1, 1738. I, WILLIAM TILLYER, of Richmond County, Esq., being very sick. I leave to my wife, Mary, her bed and furniture, also the use of all my estate lands and houses, during her widowhood. After her death or marriage I leave all my houses and lands to my son Philip, also my negro boy.

All the rest of my estate is to be sold at public vendue, and the proceeds are to be divided among my children and grand children, "that is to sayto my daughter Elizabeth Tillyer alias Job, her part to be divded among the children that come of her body, and the son of her daughter Mary Tillyer alias Prime." "My daughter Ann Tillyer, alias Chrips, her part to be put at interest, and if her husband dies, she is to have the same." Diana Tillyer alias Dey, her part to be at her own disposal. The children of my son William, deceased, are to have an equal share, viz., William, John, Margaret, and Mary. My son Phillip is to pay to the said William and John &7 each. I make my wife Mary and my son Phillip, and Joseph Bedell, executors.

From Al Ladwig.