William Dey. In the name of God amen I William Dey of South Amboy in the County of Middlesex and State of New Jersey being of perfect mind and memory thanks be given to Almighty God for the same Examined and Calling to mind the Mortality of my Body do make and ordain this to be my last Will and Testament and as touching such worldly Estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me with in this Life I Give and bequeath and dispose of the same in manner & form following It is my Will and I do order that in the first place all my just Debts be paid I give and bequeath to my well beloved wife Margaret Dey the sum of one Hundred Pounds in Gold or Silver my best Bed and Beding my best Horse and Riding Chair with harnisses compleat my best cow all to be her own forever. And it is my Will that my Executors fereafter named are to pay yearly to my wife Margaret the sum of Fifteen Pounds in gold or silver the first payment to be paid in six months after my decease to be paid to her every year as long as she remains my Widow an it is my Will that my Wife Margaret shall have my young negro Wench Kate to wait upon her as long as she lives and remains my Widow. After her decease it is my will that what is left her should be divided equally among the Legatees hereafter named or their survivors I have given already to my children as followith. to my som William the sum of Thirty pounds and my son Joseph Thirty pounds, my son John thirty poinds, Kenneth one hundred and fifty pounds Peter one hundred and fifty pounds my Daughter Rebecca thirty five pounds, Anna forty pounds Lydia Thirty five pounds, Anne sisty pounds my Grandson Nehemiah Mount Thirty five pounds my daughter Eupphama forth pounds all those sums is to be deducted out of each ones share Then to be divided equally amongst my children by my Executors after that part that each one has had already is taken out of their shares and it is my desire that my Executors should Discharge a Certain Bond that my son John is Bound for my son Joseph to George Weathrit before they pay any part of his share to him of my Estate and it is my Will that my Grandson, Nehemiah Mount shall draw his Mother's share Equally with the rest of my Children And it is my Will that all my Estate of Sands and Moveable shall be SOld at Publick Sale by my Executors or Private Sale as soon as they and my Legatees should think proper after my decease and the Money arising from the sale to be divided amongst all my Legatees as is here beforementioned by my Executors and Lastly I do Nominate Constitute and Appoint my son William Dey and my Trusty friends Nathen Rue and Wm. Perrine son of Peter my Executor to ___ this my last Will and Testament. In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal this fourth day of September in the Year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and Eighty four 1784 -- William W. Dey [his mark] (seal) in the presence of us Witnesses-----

Reoleff Cortleyoss (?) John Smock Robert Barclay

Reoleff Cortleyoss [?] and Robert Barclay two of the witnesses to the within will being duly sworn on the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God did severally depose and say that they saw William Dey the Testator therein named sign and seal the same and heard him publish pronounce and declare the within writing to be his last Will and Testament and that at the doing thereof the said Testator was of sound and disposing these deponents know and as they verily believe and that John Smock the other subscribing Evidence was present at the same time and signed his name as a Witness to the said Will together with these deponents in the presence of the said Testator, Sworn before me at Princeton the

3 rd day of February 1785. Iona Deane [?] surrogate

The Foregoing Will being proved Probate was granted by His Excellency William Livingston Esq. unto William Dey one of the Executors in the said Will named he being first duly sworn well and truly to perform the same Exhibit a true and perfect Inventory and render a Just and True account when thereunto Lawfully Required under the Prerogative Seal the date and year above said

Bones Reed Reg.(?-abbreviated title)




INV. 6497-6498L

An Inventory Taken this 22nd Day of November 1784

of the Personal Estate of William Dye Deceased is as follows

To 2 stacks of Hay L 3 .. ..

To l Coltt 7 .. ..

To A Young Mare 5 .. ..

To 5 Yearlings 7 10 ..

To 2 Steers 9 .. ..

To 2 Calves 1 10 ..

To l Mare and Colt 10 .. ..

To l Young Horse 15 .. ..

To 1 Large Horse 25 .. ..

To 4 Cows 13 .. ..

To 10 Sheep 3 .. ..

To Young Hoggs 1 17 6

To 8 Shoats 1 ....

To 8 Hoggs 11 10 ..

To A ___ uill Wheel & Swi_s 2 .. ..

To A Wood Sled and Lumber .. 15 ..

To 5 Hogsheads and a Break 1 .. ..

To Lumber 2 7 6

To Old Lumber .. 3 ..

To 2 Plows and Harrows & Waggon Sides 2 5 ..

To A Box Sley & Cyder Mill 2 .. ..

To A Grind Stone & Lumber 1 .. 6

To Lumber in the Barn .. 13 ..

To Buc_______ & Waggon Geers 2 14 ..

To Plow Geers Saddle Bridle & Cart Rope 2 15 ..

To A Schythe Cradle Becc__, File and Shaving Ho___ .. 9 ..

To A Riding Chair & Harness 10 .. ..

To l Pair Tongs Shovel & 9 Trammels .. 15 ..

To 3 Tables & half ____ 1 10 ..

To Weavers Reeds Gears & Spinning Wheel 2 5 ..

To a Crosscut Saw & Lumber 1 15 ..

To l Side Saddle (symbol) 13 Chairs 2 .. ..

To Lumber in the Chamber 2 .. ..

To 2 Beds Beding Bedstead & cords 4 10 ..

To 2 Straw Beds .. 5 ..

To l Bedstead & Bedding 5 .. ..

To Sundry Kitchen Furniture 1 15 ..

To l Stand Cubbarde & Case 4 10 ..

To l Brass Kettle Tub 7 Lumber 1 12 6

To 2 Stacks of Haym Wheat & Rye in Stack 12 10 ..

To Oats & Hay in the Barrack 14 .. ..

Page 2----

Brought Over L 204 17

To l Looking Glass 1 .. ..

To Indian Corn in the Field 5 .. ..

To Potatoes & Bark(?) 1 15 ..

To Turnips .. 15 .

To Green Wheat on the Ground 5 12 6

To Negro Jack Old Man 50 .. ..

To Negro Wench Sarah 25 .. ..

To Negro Cole (?) 20 .. ..

To Negro Jack (illegible) 20 .. ..

To Wearing apparel 6 7 6

To Shoe & Knee Buckles Silver & Boots 1 10 ..


(Pounds) 341 17 ..

William Dye James Egliert (?)