Hezekiah Mount.

Will of Hezekiah Mount : 1750 - 1807

Hezekiah Mount was the son of Thomas and Mary Mount. He married (1) Margaret Dey, daughter of William and Margaret Salter Dey/Dye and (2) Mary Patterson. Hezekiah and Margaret had one son, Nehemiah Mount who migrated to Barataria, Warren County, Ohio. Hezekiah and Mary had 7 children -- John H. (who Married Hannah Mount, his second cousin, and migrated to Cherry Creek, New York, Thomas (who Married Rebecca Chamberlin and migrated to Cherry Creek, New York), Samuel (who married Hannah Chamberlin and stayed in New Jersey), Jane, Richard (who migrated to Cherry Creek, New York), William H. (who married Sarah Whetherill and remained in New Jersey) , and Hezekiah (who married Charity Voorhees and remained in New Jersey).

In the name of God, Amen

I Hezekiah Mount of East Windsor, County of Middlesex and State of New Jersey being of sound mind and memory thanks be given to Almighty god therefore now calling to mind the mortality of my body and believing it is once appointed for all men to die do recommend my Soul to god who gave it and my body to the Earth to be buried in a decent and Christian like manner and as for my worldly Estate wherewith it hath pleased god to bless me within this life and give and dispose of in manner and form following. Dated this "fifth(?) day of October 1807

First I will and ordain that all my funeral charges and just debts be paid in money arising out of my estate by my executors herein named.

2. I give and bequeath unto my beloved with Mary as many of my household goods as she shall think fit to take for her own use to keep house with if she wants the same also one "cow and sheep (?)" and which creatures and the increase shall be kept on my farm until a division shall be made as 3 and hereafter direct for her use.

3. I will and ordain that after my son Hezekiah comes to the age of twenty one years that all my lands shall be sold by my executors and the money arising therefrom shall be divided among my wife and children in manner following. That is, my wife Mary shall have one equal share with my sons in Lieu of her Dower during her naturral life.

4. I give to my son Nehemiah Mont one equal share of my estate execpting and "receiving (?)" three hundred forty six pounds two shillings & eight pence which I have let him have toward said share to him his heirs and assigns forever. I given to my son John one equal share excepting one hundred poiunts first taken out which I have let him have toward his share to him and his assigns forever....[something seems to be missing]
Choose to stay and his mother to have the charge of case of bringing them up till of age. [when the will was written John H. Thomas and Samuel were older than 21] I further otder that after the death of my wife Mary her part of the estate above mentioned shall divide among my children share alike and if any of my young sons choose to go to trade my executors to bond them till full age. My son Samuel to find them their "cloath" during the time and schooling equal to their brothers.

I do herby order my executors to sell that lot of land I bought of a Robert Rihton lying in South Ambboy als all that lot I bought of Joseph Perrine and execute deads for the same if the money should be wanted & if sold then my son Samuel to pay sixty five poundsa year for the place he now lives on and all the stock or household goods which shall be left on said farm. Samuel shall be accountable for ---- agreeable to the appraisement

I hereby nominate constitute and appoint my living brother William Mount and my son Thomas Mount to be executors of estate in this my last will and testament. Pronounced publicized and declared by the said Hezekiah Mount this to be his will and testament in the presence of the wittnesses(?)

XX S. Van Berke
Abraham Bergen
Joseph Edwards

Signed by Hezekiah Mount.

Inventory of Hezekiah Mount

A true and perfect Inventory of all and singular the goods and chattles, wares and merchandize as wll moveables not moveable of Hezekiah Mount. Late of East Windsor in the County of Middlesex decreased. Made by us the xxxx this eleventh day of December, eighteen hundred & seve\n. 1807.

Purse and apparels $16.
household goods in garret to amount of $21.25
in the south room up stairs sundry goods, amount $41.25
in the small room up stairs $52.50
in the east room sundry goods $27.0
in the back room below amount of goods $50.50
In the front room goods to amount of $100.50
in the Entery $ 0.75
kitchen furniture amont of $11.00 furniture in the kitchen chamber $ 3.00
goods in the xxxx $21.00
lumber in the smoak house $ 3.75
Implements of Husbandry $312.95
corn in crib $ 133.33
swine in pen $ 74.0
shoats to amount of $ 26.00
hay in stack $ 27.00
horses $ 172.00
horned cattle $ 241.00
sheet $ 22.50
hay and flax $ 3.50
green grain on the ground $54.00
xxxx $10.00
beef cow $ 18.00
Hay $ 8.75
Debts $132.70

Total $ 1,584.19

Appraised by the day & year above written

Abraham Bergen and Lewis Chamberlin

Found since a side sole leather $ 3.00.