Old Tennent Presbyterian Church, Tennent, New Jersey

The Old Tennent Presbyterian Church was served by several Tennent ministers.

"Here lies the mortal Part of GILBERT TENNENT.
In the practice of Physick he was Successful and beloved. Young Gay and in the highest Bloom of Life,
Death found him Hopefully in the Lord.

But O Reader, had you heard his last Testimony,
you would have been convinced of the extreme Madness of delaying Repentance.
Natus April 1742. Obit March 6, 1770."

My curiosity was tweaked. Who was Gilbert and what did he do to deserve this epitath? It turns out that Gilbert was the nephew of John Tennent, third minister of Old Tennent and the son of William Tennent, the fourth minister of Old Tennent.

Side view of the Old Tennent Church. The gaves of John B and Hannah Dey Dey lie about half-way up to the churchThe graveyard is quite large and extends for hundreds of feet in all directions
The Old Tennent parsonage located down the hill from the chruch itselfThe front view of the Old Tennent Church
Interior view (taken through a window) of the Old Tennent ChurchPlaque on the outside of the front of the church honoring those who fought in the Battle of Monmouth who are buried in the cemetary

There are more than 120 Revolutionary War veterans buried at Old Tennent. Captain John Dey is the only Dey/Dye buried here.

Old Tennent Presbyterian Church

The marker to the far left reads "HANNAH the wife of John B. Dey. Hannah Dey was the daughter of Captain John Dey and Mary Baird [Laurens (1) > Hans (2) > James Hans (3) > James (4) > Captain John (5) > Hannah (6)] and John B. Dey was her first cousin, the son of Benjamin Dey [Laurens (1) > Hans (2) > James Hans (3) > James (4) > Benjamin(5) > John B. (6)]

He was the son of Benjamin Dey who married Lucy Compton. His mother was Lucy Compton who later married Richard Laird. Lucy Laird testified at the pension hearing for Captain John Dey.
John Baird Dey (1775 - 1827). Hannah Dey (1776 - 1852). Wife of John Baird Dey and his first cousin. Her father was Captain John Dey.
Dinah Dey (1779 - 1827), sister of John Baird Dey.Cornelius E. Dey (1833 - 1897) and Rebecca Laird. He was the son of Peter Johnson and Mary Ann Ervan Dey and the grandson of Joseph S. and Elizabeth Middleton Dey

Perrine Marker at Old Tennent