A letter from Dennis Murphy to Mary Dye, daughter of of Ruben Dye was submitted by Janet Armstrong.

"A transcript of the proposal letter was made in the 1930's, when the letter was in the possession of my great-grandmother. Unfortunately, we do not know the location of the original letter today."

Woods County, Vae
June 6th, 1818

Dear Miss,

I have long had it in contemplation to address you on a subject which I expect you had not the most distant thought of. I must protest my sincere esteem for you and what induces me to adore you, that is your many accomplishments and many endearing affections during my stay with you all of which makes me ever esteem and admire you. My happiness is centered in you and my thoughts are daily on you. I don't doubt of your qualifications in respect to rendering me as happy as your virtues can make me. I must confess my prospects are not so inviting and promising as some people in higher station, but if I ever should obtain your consent and be united as one you may rest assured that I should use every endeavor to promote your happiness in this life and if you think I am worthy of your notice and will throw yourself under my protection the favor will be received with kind reception. If you should think it proper to refuse my kind request, oh the pangs I should feel in mind on the occasion. But I do not wish your hand if your heart did not accompany it. I will leave you to consider on it, and if your answer contributes to my proposition, I shall make myself quite easy on the occasion. Your answer in a great measure depends on my happiness. Please to favor me as soon as possible with answer. Until then I shall wait with the greatest impatience. I am you ever sincere well wisher.

Dennis Murphy

The letter was folded in such a manner as to form its own envelope. A postage fee of $.25 was written on the corner of the envelope and addressed to: Miss Mary Dye, Woods County, Vae, Jacksonville Post Office.