A letter from John Ely Dey to his half brother Lemuel C. Dey. Thanks to Mary Ann for passing this along.

Lebanon (Ohio) April 27, 1873

Dear Brother

Well I still keep ritan as I have 2 or 3 letters and have not head from you. Has this xxx last cold winter forse up all xxxxx for it has bin one of the coldest that I no of. I was not aware of the power of the cold hear till this winter.

I put up 5 or 6 barrels of apples in my stable in good barrels and some choice ones all rapt in paper then surrounded in hay. When I opened them they were all spoilt. I dont understand it. Father ust to barrel his up and leave them in the orchard all winter. They keep good (John Ely Dey and Lemuel C Dey's father was William Dey. John Ely's mother was Phoebe Ely and Lemuel's mother was Lucena Groom).

Yes our spring follows suit of the winter. It snowd hear on the 25(th) for 3 hours hard. The ground frozen to. It rains every five days and the ground so wet that the farmers say they cant plow and so disagreeable and cold with all our peaches kild all and some of the trees. The prospect wheat looks well. The fruit cherry good apples tolerable poor not much trees kild by the blite last summer.

The papers say in Minnesota 2 weeks ago they had a harracain with snow and so cold hunards of stock and men, wiman and children frozen to death houses bload over and fild with snow and family frozen.

I rote you last Nov that we had lost our Daughter Henereta Passhall. My wife is not in good health. My tolarable and I am troubled with Rumanic pains very much. All well at Charley Smith (his daughter Josephine married Charles Smith). They send their love to you and yours.

Amanda lives at Bucyrus in Ohio. I had a letter from Calvit yesterday All well. Compalining of snow and rain. Today the sun shines dimely. It is not warm by any means. Not much gardening dun yet. I am rather ahead of any but the gardeners and not much behind them. I have had onions and lettice for 2 weeks. My peas up about 3 inches high. Cold weather dont hurt peas.

Our markets are high. There is a normal school hear in Lebanon of some 600 scallers (scholars). Many board themselves that makes things hier. Flower $ 8 per barrel Beef 12 to 15 pents hams 15 C fish fresh 10 C butter 35 p lard 9 cents corn meal 60 c per bus corn 40 C wheat xxxx wheat in demand. The spring wheat looks promisin hear. Calvit says his looks well but in that section of Country the snow went of in xxx the cold wether frozen out a good xxxx

My wifes health not good. Pain in her shoulders. I dont no hardly what the compalint is. I think old age. xxxxx worn out that is what is the mater with me.

I expect to ggo to Defiance about the middle of May. Sarah sends her love to you. All with mine. I hope this my (letter) find you all well. So good by. Your Drother, John Ely Dey. To Lemuel C. Dey.

PS Lets hear from you soon.