Obtaining Revolutionary War Records

[With an Emphasis on the Duyts, Dey and Dye Familes]

This page is designed to be a resource for those seeking information pertaining to service in the Revolutionary War. Any corrections, additions, suggestions, etc will be sincerely appreciated!

Although emphasis is on the Duyts, Dey and Dye families, the resources listed below should have a general utility.

Sources of Information

  1. Military Service
    From Family Tree Maker - Quite Limited

  2. Military Service Records on Microfilm
    From the National Archives

  3. Providence Chapter NSDAR Revolutionary War Page
    Extensive set of links of general interest for this time period.

  4. California Chaper of the SAR
    Extensive Revolutionary War Links

  5. Requesting Military Recrods from the National Archives:

    Send an e-mail message to inquire@arch2.nara.gov with the FORM NUMBER(S), the QUANITY needed, and YOUR POSTAL MAILING ADDRESS and allow about 5 working days for processing.

    Form 80 (Military service and pension records prior to World War I, including the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Civil War, and Spanish-American War);
    Form 81 (Passenger Arrivals)
    Form 82 (Copies of Census Records)
    Form 83 (Eastern Cherokee Applications)
    Form 84 [Land Entry Files]
    Form 180 (Military service records, World War I and later).

    To obtain information on a Bounty Land Warrant (land grant for service) you need Form 26. Copies of this form are obtained from:

    Reference Services Branch (NNIR)
    National Archives and Records Administration
    7th and Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
    Washington, DC 20408

  6. Military Look-ups from Family Tree Maker.
    These look-ups help to narrow down less than specific searches and probably are a good way to get started.

  7. DAR Patriot Index
    The DAR offers library research services for members and non-members

    Marjorie sent in a list of the names of those that served in the Revolutionary War whose ancestors joined DAR. Names in bold are those positively identified as belonging to the Duyts-Dey-Dye lines from Staten Island to New Jersey.

    The Patriot Index is a 4 volume set which can be purchased from the DAR society in Washington DC.

    Request for photocopies of application papers should be mailed to the Registrar General, NSDAR, record Copy, 1776 D Street, NW, Washington, DC 200006-5392 with a check made payable to The Treasurer General, NSDAR in the amount of $10 if you are a non-member or $5.00 if you are a member.


    Andrew b. 1744 NJ d7-15-1835 m (10 Sarah Miner (2) Mrs. Anna Lamb Evans Capt. PA
    son of James and Sarah Leach Dey

    Avery b 1753 NC d c1830-1833 GA m Mary ---- Sol NC

    Brown b. 1761 VA d 3-19-1825 GA m (1 ?) (2 ) Mary Polly Martin Sol GA

    Daniel b. 7-31-1745 NJ d 11825 OH m Abigail Hutchinson Pvt. NJ
    Son of Vincent and Sarah Artepe Dye

    Enoch b. 1763 PA d 1-6-1830PA m Rebecca Leet pvt PA
    Son of Vincent and Sarah Artepe Dye

    John b 5-17- 1754 NJ d 6-15-1822 KY m Anne Ely Pvt NJ
    Son of William and Margaret Salter Dey

    John b 11-15-1762 NJ d 1833KY m Margaret DeWitt Dye Pvt. NJ
    Son of William and Phoebe Mounteer Dye

    John b 1753 MD d 4-23-1836 OH m Ruth ---- Pvt PA PNSR
    Son of James and Sarah Leach Dey. Note birth place - should be NJ. Married Ruth Applegate

    John b 10-23-1733 MA d 1800 RI m Thankful Potter PS RI

    John bc 1733/4 NJ d 12-27-1833 OH m Elizabeth --- Pvt VA
    Son of John and Mary Applegate(?) Dey. Note that the death date should be in 1822. Married Elizabeth Caywood

    Peter b 1834-37 CT d 4-21-1611 NY Pvt NY


    Ezekiel b 7-1-1750 NJ d 7-1-1830 m (1) Elizabeth Cox (2) Sarah M. (Egbert) Paul Pvt. NJ
    Son of John and Mary Applegate(?) Dey. Brother of John Dye listed above

    James b 8-28-1760 NJ d. 1845 NY m (1) ? (2) ? (3) Hannah Russel Pvt NJ. Son of James J and Margaret Perrine Dey

    James (J) b 9-15-1728 NJ d. 1802 NJ m Margaret Perrine Pvt NJ
    Son of James and Dinah Tillyer Dey

    John b 12-28-1741 NJ d 4-26-1829 m Mary Baird Capt NJ WPNS (WPNS means widow was pensioned) Son of James and Dinah Tillyer Dey. Brother of James I or J Dey listed above.

    John b c 1751 NJ d 1828 NJ m Janette Doremus Pvt NJ
    Son of Lawrence and Anne Dey - who were first cousins

    Lewis b 3-21-1758 NJ d 10-25-1816 VA m (1) Agnes Bates (2) Fanny Henley Williamson Pvt NJ -- Son of James J or I and Margaret Perrine Dey listed above.

    ?Peter b 3-7-1760 NJ d 6-4-1833 m Eleanor Board Pvt NJ---Son of James J or I Dey and Margaret Perrine?

    Richard b 11-29-1752 NJ d 1-7=1811 NJ m Hannah Oierson Maj NJ

    Theunis b 10-29-1726 NJ d 6-10- 1787 NJ m Hester Schuyler Col NJ

    William b 10-31-1754 NJ d 12-19-1823 NJ m Margaret Perrine Pvt NJ
    Son of Joseph and Margaret Willey Dey. A detailed statement by his widow Margaret Perrine accompanied her application for his pension.