Ezekiel Dye
Ezekiel Dye

1782-1873, was the son of ??? [Amos Dye and Mary Chamberlin?]. He was born in Prince William County, Virginia and migrated with many of his family to Washington County, Ohio. He married Phebe Davis and they migrated to Elk River, Minnesota.

April Heath provided the following which begins with her answer to the question of why did the family move to Minnesota. [April is descended from Ezekiel's daughter Patience Dye.]

"Ah, this was one of the reasons we had such a hard time finding the family. My great grandmother didn't move with them as she was already married with children at the time. And, we had no idea that the rest of them had moved."

We finally learned from a granddaughter of Sophia (sister to my gggrandmother Patience) what had happened to them. Sophia and husband David Shockley and their two young children (Clara Belle and Harry Ellsworth and her parents Ezekiel and Phoebe A. Davis) left Ohio because of Sophiaís bad health and came to Minnesota in 1868 settling near Burns, Anoka County Minnesota. Their youngest daughter, Ida May was born shortly after they arrived (3 June 1868).

Sophiaís oldest sister Mary Hill had come to Minnesota in 1854. Phoebe died 2 April 1873, Ezekial died 24 Oct 1873 both are buried in the Vernon Cemtery in Elk River, Sherburne County, Minnesota. Sophia died 9 Sept 1874 in Elk River and David died 8 Nov 1880 in Brainerd, Crow Wind County, Minnesota, leaving three very young children orphans. Clara and Harry went to live with Mary and Samuel Hill and the young Ida May went to live with H.H. and Cynthia Sheldon after their motherís death and their father had gone to northern Minnesota to work in the lumber camps. The Sheldonís had a trading post out of Elk River near the Mississippi River. I suspect that the Dyes and Sheldons were related but have not found the connection or what happened to her.

I am enclosing below a copy of some information that was written by Clara Bell Shockley Champlen (Sophiaís eldest daughter which she sent to her brother Harry, when he was sheriffing Melle Locs County in Minnesota. Harryís daughter, Mary Gobel sent it to me in 1985. Mary wrote that the history was written in the family bible. The copy is very old and therefore difficult to read so forgive me for the missing parts.

Ezekial, Phoebe and Sophia are burried in a family plot in the Vernon Cemetery in Elk River, along with my grandparents Benjamin James Daniels, Ida May Shockley, Marton Daniels, Kathleen Martin, a three year old of Ida Mayís first marriage and Majorie Daniels Hickman, Ben and Idaís daughter. The plot is under the name of Mis Benjamin Daniels. Benjamin and Ida and Marjorie are the only ones with markers. My grandmother Patience, Is burried in the Allen cemetery in Illinois with her husband Ethan Allen and daughter Laura Allen Cornell (My ggrandmother).

Family History found in the Dye Bible, transcribed as closely as possible, below:

Children of Phoebe Davis and Ezekial Dye -- by Clara Bell Shockley Champlen

In the year 1805 Ezekiel Dye with others of his family came to Marrietta Ohio from Prince Williams Co. Virginia. They settled on at large tract of land on the little Muskingdom River in Washington County Ohio. They were raised on a plantation and taught to drive their father's slaves. Their fathers name was John Dye, their mother's name was E. Dye. When the property was divided part of the family stayed on the Virginia side so as to hold their slaves; But Grandfather with several others came to Ohio. [I believe that all of the sons and daughters of John and Elizabeth Caywood Dye moved to Washington County, Ohio as did his son John by his first wife X Mount. His son Thomas from his first marriage eventually moved to Meigs County, Ohio having spent time "south of the border" in West VIrginia. A number of the children of VIncent Dye, John Dye's uncle, migrated from Prince William County, Virginia into West Virginia and settled around Parkersberg. -- jcb]

Then he married Phoebe Davis, daughter of Nathan and Amy Jenkins Davis. He was not a very ambitious man on account of early training. Instead of doing for others, they had to do for him. He owned a little home on the banks of the Muskingdom River. It was sold for 500. dollars, a great sum of money in those days. The proceeds were supposed to care for him the rest of his life. Phoebe Davis taught school before and after her marriage, builded her own fires, rode horse back with a child on the horse in front of her and one in back, such were the hardships of those early days.

Their children were as follows,

Mary Dye-----married----Samuel Duff Hill Marrietta Ohio,
David Jenkins Dye-----Martha Farnsworth Marietta,
Amy E. Dye ----born 1818---married John Laynahgh Marrietta.
Patience Dye---born Oct 17 1820 married Ethan Allen and (make?) their home at Golconda, Pope Co. Ill.
John Dye died young.
Nanny (Nancy?) Dye died at the age of two years
Sophia Amelia dye was born December 1840 in Marrietta Ohio

From Record of marriage, the state of Ohio, Washington Co. SS by Wm Leeper, recorder.

David Shockley married Sophia A. Dye on the Third of Febrary, 1864. By rev. C.D. Battelle of the ME. Church Marietta Ohio. While on furlough during the civil war.

She was a member of the M.E. Church of Marietta. Sophia A. Dye was a graduate of the Marietta High School. She worked as a tailoress to help support her aged parents Ezekiel and Phoebe Dye. It was in this business, I've been told, she contracted the disease then called Consumption. The Dr. advised the family to move to Minn. for her health. So the little home was sold and they moved to Minnesota. Those days were on of hardship for the family.

Ezekial Dye lived to a good old age the records show him at the age of 99 when he passed away. Phoebe Davis was much younger. they are both burried in Elk River beside their daughter Sophia A. Shockley. [there is handwriting in the margin at this point: Phoebe was maybe 15 or less younger than Zeek. The (married/scribble? sorry that part is very black) of Phoebe at the Elk River Courthouse]
David Shockley Was a member of Batery H first Ohio Light Artillery, he served all through the civil War. and was mustered out at Cleveland Ohio with his regt. He had an honorable discharge. He is burried at Brainard Minnesota under the (name?) of the G.A.R. He died a lonely, broken hearted man, kind of heart and loved by his Comrades and children. [the rest is completely black and cannot be transcribed]