Amos Dye

Estate Account of Amos Dye : about 1750 - 1797

Amos was the son of John and Mary Applegate(?) Dey and the grandson of John Laurens and Anne (Browne?) Dey. He married Mary Chamberlin while living in Upper Freehold, Monmouth County, New Jersey (a copy of their Marriage Bond is dated February 2, 1778). Shortly thereafter Amos and Mary (and their children?) moved south to Prince William County, Virginia. They probably accompanied his uncle Vincent Dye and his brother John Dye. Amos witnessed the will of his uncle Vincent who died in 1797. A number of VIncent's children and his wife Sarah died about the same time. A cholora epidemic was the likely cause of death.

There is no will for Amos Dye found in Prince William County. In 1805 a statement of Amos Dye's Estate account was filed.

October 1997 ,,, John Dye Junr. administrator of Amos Dye an accounting withthe estate of the said Amos Dye deceased. (The administrator of the estate was Amos' son John)

Cast paid Doctor Jett his proved account 9.12.6
Cash paid Francis Dye for relinguishing her dower of the Estate13.6.0
{who is Francis Dye? did Mary die and was Francis his second wife?}
Cash paid Anne Cox her proved account 2.8.0
Cash paid John Holcomb for crying sale of the estate 0.18.0
Cash paid John Williams a fee Bill 0.4.2
Cash paid Brewer for making coffin 1.10.0
Cash paid Doctor Coleman his proved account 2.12.0
Cash paid Doctor Bush his proben account 1.10.
Cash paid Robert Carters rent 9.4.0
Cash paid William Dye his proven account 1.14.2
Cash paid for sundrys for the use of the family 1.17.6
Cash paid James Kempe for 400 ten penny nails for the house 2.8.0
Cash paid Jane Dye her proven account 1.4.0
Cash paid Philip Wanton for nails for the house 1.8.0
Cash paid the Sheriff my father taxes 0.16.7
Cash paid John Hoff his proven account 17.12.3
Cash paid Charles Ewell his proven account 3.8.7
Cash paid Francis Montgomery his proven account 4.12.9
Cash paid Daniel Dye his proven account 2.13.0
Cash paid John Dye senior bond in full 49.19.8
{this was probaly Amos' brother John Dye}
{the next six lines were torn from the original document}
Cash paid Francis Montgomery for hauling 750 feet of plank 0.15.0
Cash paid Glasco for Smith work for my Father 2.0.0
Cash paid Eward Cogan as for xxxxx 3.4.4
Cash paid Thomas Dye his proven account 1.16.0
Cash paid to my proven account 48.0.0
Cash paid John Chamberlin for the hire of his son 10.0.0
Cash paid Francis Montgomery for provisions for Workmen 2.18.4
Cash advanced for clothing and provisions for the use of the Familybr> from the death of my father until Christmas 24.5.0
Not yet received in the hands of Isaac Hutchinson 14.13.6
Not yet received in the hands of William Powell 1.0.0
Errors expected 251.15.7

By the whole amount of the sale account 269.7.5
Cash from Richard Stonnell for 6 lambs 3.0.0
Cash from James Nbuschett 42.2.2
Cash in the house at the death of my father 5.2.6
117 bushels of wheat 29.6.8
Cash received for rents 124.3.0
Cash received for the sale of the lots of lands 73.12 Total 546.7.5
Minus costs of 251.15.7
Remainder 294.18.2

In obedience of an order of Prince William County Court to us directed dated the fifth day of December, 1803, we the subscribers have proceeded to examine the account and vouchers of the administrator John Dye and find a balance due by him to the orphans of Amos Dye deceased of two hundred and eighty pounds, four shillings and eight pence and in the hands of Isaac Hutchinson not yet collected thirteen, thirteen shillings and six pence and in the hands of William Powell twenty shillings. Certified under our hands this fourth day of October, 1805.

Bern Hose
Henry Dogan
William Cundliff

What happened then? Did John pay the "orphans of Amos Dye"? John eventually moved into West Virginia.