Daniel Dye, Son of Enoch Dye

Daniel Dye was born August 1776, Bordentown, New Jersey and died in1852 in Morrow County, Ohio. He appears to have lived in Sewickley, Pennsylvania (where Ezekiel had a sawmill?). There is a Sewickley Township in Westmoreland County (red dot on the map below) and Sewickley Creek runs through the township.

This suggests that Daniel moved to Prince William County, Virginia with his parents Enoch and Rebecca. Around 179? they moved to Pennsylvania. At a later date he and his wife (and children?) moved to Troy Township, Morrow County, Ohio. His sister Mary Dye had moved to Richland County, Ohio by 1844.

Daniel married Jane McIntyre in 1796 in Washington County, Pennsylvania, the daughter of William McIntyre and Margaret Harris. They had 15 children:

  1. Jane Dye was born in 1820 in Pennsylvania and died in July 1906. She married Daniel Portner in 1843. He was the son of Daniel Portner and Christina Feller. He immigrated from Switzerland in 1823. The family moved from Pennsylvania to Orange Township, Nobel County, Indiana

  2. Vincent Dye
  3. Eliza Dye
  4. Drusilla Dye
  5. Abraham Dye
  6. Valerian Dye
  7. Enoch Dye
  8. Aaron Dye
  9. Rebecca Dye
  10. Issac Dye
  11. Daniel Dye, Jr.
  12. Mary Dye
  13. William Dye
  14. Jane Dye
  15. John

His will (a copy was obtained in the Dye Data Special Edition #3) read as follows:

Will of Daniel Dye

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