Burlington County Tax List

    Each page shows the acreage cultivated each year and may show several different names for the same person. e.g. John, Captain John, John son of James, John Esq William the tanner, William son of James, William

    The men are organized by family. I managed to identify the parents for all but about 10 of the more than five hundred entries. I used known birth and death dates as well as acreage and adjacency on the lists to work through the process.

    The family column identifies the father, grandfather, etc. back to either John Laurens or James Hans.

      e.g. Daniel WmJasJH would identify Daniel, son of William, grandson of James and g-grandson of James Hans.

      Enoch ThJnJL would identify Enoch, son of Thomas, grandson of John and g-grandson of John Laurens.

      Elias JosiahUnk would identify Elias, son of Josiah, grandson of an unknown person.

    As always caveat emptor. The lists are faded and the handwriting not the best. The lists have been recopied. Some of the lists are in geographic order; some are grouped by last name and some grouped by first name.

    Al Ladwig

    Nottingham Family 1773 1774 1779 1789 9/1795
    Isaac JasJasJL X X X X 0
    David DavJL X X X X 0
    Henry Unk X X X X 0
    Nottingham Family 9/1796 9/1797 9/1802 9/1803  
    Ezekiel ThJnJL X 0 X X  
    Isaac JasJasJL 0 185 0 X  
    David DavJL 0 0 X X  
    Henry Unk 0 0 0 0  
    John (single man) Unk X 0 X X  
    David Day Unk X X X 0  
    Joseph Day Unk X X X 0  
    Nottingham Family 9/1805 9/1806 1808 9/1809  
    Henry Unk 0 0 0 0  
    Joseph Unk X X X 0  
    Chesterfield Family 1779 5/1780 8/1780 1782 1783
    Chesterfield Family 1795 1796 8/1797 1802 1805
    Joseph Die (single) JosWmJL 0 X X X X
    Joseph Die   X 0 X X X
    Augustus Day (single) Unk 0 X X X X
    Augustus Day   X X X X 0

    Last Updated on 1/7/01
    By John C Butler