The following was contributed by Jayne Dye.

Sharing: I found this in a notebook, and am copying it exactly as found. It was sent to John F. Dye by Ethyl Riggs Cole m. Claude H. Davis ( Her father Flavel Cole, his father Joseph P. Cole. Her mother was Mary Chamberlain Dye, and her mother was Mary Chamberlain m. Henry Dye son of Andrew Dye of Harrisburg PA).


" Copy of letter from Alexander Lamb, 144 Wilson Ave, Columbus, O. to James H. Simpson, Nov. 11, 1908.

A recent visit to the bereft home of Mrs. Jacob H. Dye of Marietta brought into my hands your letter of some weeks ago. My dear Mother, formerly Abigail Dye, being a sister of the late Chief of the Marietta Police, and I being the Genealogist of the family, led my aunt to request me to reply to your communication.

Briefly, the history of the Ohio branch is this. In 1804 John Dye, a rich Quaker, sold his slave estate near Bull run, Va., and with his very large family of children and gr. children moved into S.E.Ohio, where in Washington and Morgan Cos., he settled them on large and fertile farms. I think his second wife was Elizabeth Caywood. Samuel Dye, Esq., was my great grandfathre and married Susan Hoff before leaving Va. His son Jonathan titus Dye was father of Jacob H. Dye, my Mother's brother.

The family traditions handed down from the founder of the family in Ohio are that formerly the Dye family came from "the Jerseys" as Southern New Jersey was designated in its early history --- the Quakers occupying the western colony on the borders of Penn. This would suggest they came over with the followers of William Penn. Another therory that has gained a popular place in my mind is that the name is incorrectly spelled as I am told that the form of DEY is used by some of the families in Va. This would probably link them with the old Holland- Dutch family of early N. Y. , who have a large and expensive Family published by some Albany publishers.