Links To Geosciences Freeware/Shareware

Lists of Lists of Freeware/Shareware

  1. ANON -- Another Node On the interNet -- Geological Software

      artficial life, general, modeling and seismic

  2. Basin Simulator Software - Klaus Bitter

      "From this page you can download source code, postprocessing code, sample input and sample output files. There are no html commands in the files and the code should be ready for compilation."

  3. Computers&Geosciences

      The Journal maintains a site containing program code that has been published in the journal, Computers & Geosciences.

  4. Computers in Geosciences

      A extensive set of links to freeware and shareware

  5. DOE Software

      Enhanced Oil Recovery Predictive Models, Infill Drilling Predictive Model, Polymer/Waterflood Predictive Model, CO2 Prophet, BOAST II, BOAST 3, Miscible Applied Simulation Model, Permeability Simulation Model, Chemical Tracer Test Simulation, Chemical Flood Simulation, Database for EOR, Database Geologic/Reservoirs, 3-D Chemical Flood Simulation, Crude Oil Analysis

  6. Finite Element Resources on the Internet

      This document describes and provides access to FE software via the Internet


      A 3-D stratigraphic modeling program (Macintosh) by Ulf Nordlund, Earth Science, Uppsala University, Sweden.

  8. Generic Mapping Tools

      "GMT (Generic Mapping Tools) is a powerful data mapping tool package on UNIX systems."

  9. Geological Software

      An EXTENSIVE list of applications prepared by A. Busbey at Texas Christian University

  10. Geological Software

      Information, sources, demos, ... An annotated bookmark list prepared by Dave Walters at Oxford

  11. GNU Project

      "GNU's Not UNIX -- Free Software Foundation at MIT"

  12. Kansas Geological Survey

      Surface III, WHEAT, PfEFFER, WinSeis, SUPRPUMP

  13. LINUX Documentation

      Linux - a free UNIX-like operating system

  14. NIH-Image

      "NIH Image is a public domain image processing and analysis program for the Macintosh. It is being developed at the Research Services Branch (RSB) of the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH)"

  15. Samizdat Press

      [Not freeware but free books!] "Samizdat Press is devoted to the free distribution of books, lecture notes and software. Our special focus is material of a pedagogical nature", Colordao School of Mines

  16. Sedimentary Geology at Penn State

      This page contains links to software that is being developed by Sedimentary Geology faculty and students at Penn State University.

  17. Seismic Monitoring System

  18. Seismic Unix

      Data Processing freeware from the Center for Wave Phenomena at the Colorado School of Mines


      "a software package for enhancing and manipulating marine seismic reflection and refraction data"

  20. the Soft Earth

      An EXTENSIVE resource maintained monthly by Phil Ingram.

  21. Spread Sheets for Geophysial Modeling

      Brian Robinson, U. Lancaster

  22. Stanford Center for Reservoir Forecasting

      packages which allow integration of data of multiple scales

  23. Structural Geology and Tectonics

      Maintained by Steve Schimmrich

  24. Terry Gordon's Links for Thermodynamics and Phase Equilibrium

      [Igneous Petrology] [Metamorphic Petrology] [Aqueous Geochemistry] [Commercial Sites] [Web Directories] [Programming Tools] "Most of the software can be used to solve a wide variety of problems."

  25. Tools for Mineralogists

      Includes links to shareware/freeware as well as other resources

  26. U Texas Mac Software Collection

      The UT Computing Web with links to archives of extensive freeware/shareware

  27. USGS ftp site

      Mac Software from the USGS ftp site

  28. VOLPAC

      The VolPack Volume Rendering Library

  29. MacVOL

      MacVol is a Macintosh volume renderer based on VolPack, a Unix volume-rendering library

  30. Dave Watson's Freeware

      (Western Australia) freeware for interpolation, gridding and contouring datasets

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