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Historical Geology
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Course UniversityCourse
Historical GeologyAuburnHistorical Geology
Boise StateEarth History
California State at San FranciscoHistory of Life
Historical Geology
History of Life
CornellEvolution of the Earth System
DeKalb UniversityHistorical Geology
East Carolina UniversityHistorical Geology
Eastern New Mexico UniversityHistorical Geology
EmoryEvolution of the Earth
Florida InternationalHistorical Geology
George MasonHistorical Geology
IUPUEvolution of the Earth (3 sections)
Mansfield StateHistorical Geology
New Mexico TechEarth History
North DakotaHistory of Life on Earth
Northern ArizonaGlobal Earth History
Historical Geology
Ohio WesylanHistory of the Earth
SmithIntroduction to Earth History
St. Francis XavierEarth History
Texas A&MHistorical Geology
University of AkronHistorical Geology
University of ArizonaHistorical Geology
Historical GeologyU ArkansasGeneral Geology II
U British Columbia Earth and Life Through Time
Geologic Time
U California @ DavisHistory of Life
Earth History : Paleoclimates
Origin of Metazoa
U California @ Santa BarbaraHistorical Geology
U California @ Santa CruzEvolution of the Earth
U Cincinnati Dinosaurs
U Florida Earth History
Historical Geology
Introduction to Earth Science
U Houston Historical Geology
Historical Geology Lab
U IllinoisHistory of the Earth
History of Life
U IowaEvolution of Life and Historical Geology
U KansasHistory of the Earth
U KentuckyHistorical Geology Howell
Historical Geology Kulp
U MinnesotaDinosaurs and Their World
U PennsylvaniaEarth Through Life and Time
U Southern CaliforniaEarth History
Historical GeologyU Texas @ AustinAge of the Dinosaurs
U WisconsinGeologic Evolution of the Earth
Western MichiganHistorical Geology
Earth History

June 1, 1999

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