And the King sent riders throughout the lands
- to the east - to the west - to the north and to the south.
All carried the same message. . .all cried the King's query:

Who will be my

June 8-10, 2001
Livingston's Third Monday Trade Days

-a day of fun and excitement for all-

NEW! Warlord Schedule

NEW! Rapier and Bardic Information!

Heavy Rapier




A & S

all with a decidedly melee flavor

Attention Artisans!
Siege cooking and on site embroidery competition

New Information!

Siege cooking

Embroidery competition

For questions concerning the A&S competition email Lady Julianna.

Site opens Friday at 5 p.m. and closes Sunday at noon. The site is dry.

Site Fee is:

  • $ 7 for adults
  • $3 for children 3-12
  • free for children under 3
No family will pay more than 3 adult prices.

Hosted by the Barony of the Stargate
Please make checks payable to SCA, Inc. Barony of Stargate.

*Co-Event Stewards*

Lady Isabeau Quiquandon (Terri Walker)
(713) 668-5984

HL Ihon Vinson macFergus (John Hirling)
(713) 956-0046

No provisions for RV power. Pets permitted with current rabies certificate (tags will not count) and horses must have proof of negative Coggins. Parent or legal guardian must accompany minors. Minors may also attend with a 21-year-old or older with a signed and notarized Minor Event Waiver Form signed by their parent.

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