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The Naked and the Undead

Note: These are, obviously, not an exhaustive set of links. I am not linking to commercial sites here or to the Internet Movie Database, but rather to fan sites. They have been chosen to illustrate diverse approaches to the wonders of horror--all useful and many very beautifully done--to the study of the specific horror films or sub-genres related to chapters and themes of my forthcoming book, The Naked and the Undead: Evil and the Appeal of Horror.

Part I: Mad Science and Monstrous Mothers

Chapter 1: Frankenstein's Monstrous Progeny

Frankenstein 1931
Frankenstein 1994
The Gothic, Materials for Study

Chapter 2: Women and Bugs

The Alien Series: Ripley, Mother of all Alien Killers

Chapter 3: Monstrous Flesh

The Brood
The Fly
Dead Ringers
Cronenberg, the New Flesh Directory

Part II: From Vampires to Slashers

Chapter 4: Seductive Vampires

Dracula's Home Page
The Hunger
Interview with the Vampire
Anne Rice's Gothic World

Chapter 5: The Slasher's Blood-Lust

Peeping Tom
Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer

Chapter 6: Feminist Slashers?

The Silence of the Lambs

Part III: Cosmic Horror

Chapter 7: Uncanny Horror

The Shining

Chapter 8: Graphic Horror

The Hellbound Web
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
The Saw Is Family

Conclusion: The Appeal of Evil

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February 6, 1999
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