Meet the Class!

A List of Responses

I thought it might be nice if the class got to know one another a bit. Here are the summaries and bios I have received so far. Let us know who you are!

Name: Cynthia Freeland

E-mail address:

I am "new" to Rice myself, so I guess it is my first year. I am the professor and so you can guess that my major was philosophy, but I also had a double major in psychology. My hobbies include gardening and murder mysteries, and I'm a cat lover. You can find pictures of my cats on my web pages. Perhaps you would be surprised to learn that I am an avid horror movie fan and of course, a fan from the very beginning of the X-Files. My most interesting recent trip was to Aberystwyth, Wales, and before that, to a lot of places in Australia.

Name: Marc Cohen

E-mail address:

Well, I'm not at Rice at all (except, perhaps, virtually). I'm teaching a course at the University of Washington (PHIL 320) that's very much like Cynthia Freeland's -- an introduction to Ancient Greek Philosophy -- and I'm one of the editors of the textbook you are using for your course. You can access the PHIL 320 Web pages via the links that Prof. Freeland has provided. When our school year begins (at the end of September) I'll alert my students to your group. You and they may find some topics of common interest to discuss.

Name: Lewis Wilson

E-mail address:

I like to flood other people's pages with philosophical thought. Ask Tony, lower third.

My only hobby is working at a hobby store.

I don't know what other people don't know about me. The admissions office probably knows that my favorite random question to ask people is, "How do we know that there is any being at all and not rather nothing?" My dad used to ask me questions like that when I was about seven or eight.

Name: Brian Klink

E-mail address:

I am a freshman at Rice from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and I am currently planning to double-major in philosophy and economics. I hope to eventually be a professor of philosophy since I love talking, reading, and writing about philosophy. Also a very religious person, I find myself having to explain to my friends that philosophy and religion do not necessarily contradict each other and are actually complementary to each other.

Name: Kim Hosemann

E-mail address:

I took some time off after high school intitally to compete (riding horses) and then to work (office work @ a restaurant). Therefore, I'm a first year @ Rice & I'm majoring in Biology. I'm also very interested in French, American History, Philosophy, and Literature....if I could quadruple major, I would!!

Name: Paul Tevis

E-mail address:

I am but a lowly freshman taking my first steps upon an overly ambitious path leading to a triple major in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Philosophy. In my spare (what little there is), I enjoy theater, singing, surfing the web, and writing odd bits of poetry. I enjoy philosophy mainly out of an interest both in political theory (not political science) and ethics that I developed during my high school debate career. Mainly of interest to me are topics that deal with the relationship between the state and the individual, as regards to what constitutes a just action on the part of the state. I also have a tendency to walk up to people fairly randomly and ask if they are enjoying themselves.

Don't be afraid. Be very afraid. (Just kidding.)

Name: Jason Edwards

E-mail address:

Well, I'm a sophomore now, probably going to major in Physics and Philosophy, although I've taken a lot of Economics courses too. I'm a New Yorker who hates snow, so I'm pretty happy here in Houston, except I can never find my beloved Yankees on TV. Philosophy is just something I tried, and so far I've really loved it, and that's about all ther is to it. I guess you could say that I've got a philosophical mind, but I'll leave it up to others to make those kinds of characterizations about me. I'm also hoping to somehow bring the philosophy of baseball into our class discussions, although I don't think Dr. Freeland will believe me that Aristotle was not only a philosopher, but one of the first great center fielders.

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