Feminist Philosophy

Philosophy 3395, Fall 1995

Professor Cynthia Freeland

Unit IV Outline

All readings in Sandra Harding, ed., The "Racial" Economy of Science

W Oct 25 Introduction: Feminst epistemology and philosophy of science;

Sandra Harding's previous books

Harding, Introduction, pp. 1-22

M Oct 30 Metaphors of science; issues of inclusion and exclusion

For Discussion:

Stepan, "Race and Gender: The Role of Analogy in Science," 359-76

Takaki, "Aesculapius Was a White Man: Race and the Cult of True Womanhood," 201-209

Background (Read at least one): Hine, "Co-Laborers in the Work of the Lord: Nineteenth-Century Black Women Physicians," 210-227; Sands, "Never Meant to Survive: A Black Woman's Journey ‹ An Interview with Evelynn Hammonds," 239-248; "Malcolm, "Increasing the Participation of Black Women in Science and Technology," 249- 253; "O'Brien, "Without More Minorities, Women, Disabled, U.S. Scientific Failure Certain, Fed Study Says," 254-258

W Nov 1 *Gender and Cross-Cultural Construals of Science

Haraway, "The Bio-politics of a Multicultural Field," 377-394

Traweek, "Cultural Differences in High-Energy Physics: Contrasts between Japan and the United States," 398-407

* Reflection paper due: Write on either essay, focusing on gender issues.

M Nov 6 Objectivity and Values in Science

Proctor, "Nazi Medicine and the Politics of Knowledge," 344-358

Bunkle, "Calling the Shots? The International Politics of Depo-Provera," 287-302

Background: Jones, "The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment," 275-286

W Nov 8 Environmental Issues and Ecofeminism

*Shiva, "Colonialism and the Evolution of Masculinist Forestry," 303-314

*Reflection paper Due : Describe ³Feminist Forestry² and comment.

Background: Grossman, "Environmental Racism," 326-334

M Nov 13 The Future: Challenges and Changes in Science

Zimmerman, "People's Science," 440-455

Dickson, "Towards a Democratic Strategy for Science: The New Politics of Science," 472-483

Third World Network, "Modern Science in Crisis: A Third World Response," 484-518

W Nov 15 Begin Unit V

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