Feminist Philosophy

Philosophy 3395, Fall 1995

Professor Cynthia Freeland

Unit III Outline: Feminist Legal Theory

All readings from Patricia Williams, The Alchemy of Race and Rights: Diary of a Law Professor.

  • W Oct. 11 Williams, Chapter 10


  • M Oct. 16* Williams, Chapters 1,3,5,9

    Legal Writing: Style and Truth

    *Reflection Paper Due: Attempt a piece of writing in Williams╣ style, relating perhaps to a subject she discusses, or a legal subject you find interesting. Be prepared in class to discuss the nature and relevance of style in this kind of context.

  • W Oct. 18 Williams, Chapters 2 and 12

    Contracts: Her grandmother╣s sale, Baby M

  • M Oct. 23* Williams, Chapters 6,7,8,11

    Racism and Rights; the Law; Conclusions

    Take-Home Distributed on Units II and III

    *Reflection Paper Due: Discuss one legal concept that Williams addresses in these chapters, perhaps rights, equality, harm, affirmative action, or contracts; and show how she uses a key example to offer her point of view on this topic. Also, try to sum up just what her point of view really is on this topic.

  • W Oct. 25 Begin Unit IV
  • M Oct. 30 Take-Home Exam Due

    Exams turned in after class will be marked down.

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