Feminist Philosophy

Philosophy 3395, Fall 1995

Professor Cynthia Freeland

Unit II Outline: Feminist Ethics

[All readings in Women and Values, ed. Pearsall]

  • W Sept 20 Review of Feminism and the History of Philosophy, Part 2(lecture)

    Carol Gilligan, "In a Different Voice: Women's Conceptions of Self and of Morality," pp. 342-368

  • M Sept 25* Katie Geneva Cannon, "Moral Wisdom in the Black Women's Literary Tradition," pp. 401-409

    *Reflection Paper Due. Write a brief essay comparing Cannon's recommended use of literature to the use Gilligan makes of literary examples (both personal narratives and examples from western literature) in her article.

  • W Sept. 27 Sara Ruddick, "Maternal Thinking," pp. 368-379
  • M Oct. 2 Nel Noddings, "Ethics from the Standpoint of Women," pp. 379-390
  • W Oct. 4* Anne Donchin, "The Future of Mothering: Reproductive Technology and Feminist Theory," pp. 112-123

    *Reflection Paper Due. Write a paper on mothering. Why arefeminists interested in it? What do your experiences, or those of your mother/sister/lover/friend, suggest in reaction to Donchin's ideas? (Use pseudonyms if you wish.)

    OPTION: Write about Jeffner Allen's article, "Motherhood: The Annihilation of Women." Discuss its strong points orweaknesses.

  • M Oct. 9 Alison M. Jaggar, "Prostitution," pp. 123-134

  • W Oct. 11 Begin Unit Three

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