Feminist Philosophy

Philosophy 3395, Fall 1995

Professor Cynthia Freeland

Units II and III Take-Home Exam

Directions: Write on two questions.

1. Use at least two of the authors we have read as the basis for describing feminist methodology in ethics and socio-political theory. What are some alternative, contrasting feminist methodologies? Identify strengths and weaknesses of each. (Be sure to include some reflections on your own methodology as well.)

2. Select one account of female/feminine/feminist ethics (an ethics of care, maternal ethics, etc.) and (a) offer a clear exposition of how this approach might be useful in assessing a contemporary moral problem like rape, prostitution, or surrogate motherhood, and (b) suggest some of its crucial limitations or potential problems.

3. Write an essay in which you challenge the very idea that there is such a thing as feminist ethics. Then consider at least one response.

4. Write an essay that reflects critically on some of the key points, examples, and symbols used by Patricia Williams in The Alchemy of Race and Rights.

Due in class on October 30, 1995. Late papers will be marked down 1/2 grade per class day late.

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February 27, 1996