Philosophy 3387 American Philosophy

Phil. 3387/American Philosophy

Freeland/Fall 1996

Unit V: Contemporary Pragmatism

Weds. Nov. 6

On Richard Rorty, in Cornel West Chapter 5, pp. 194-210

Summary of West on Rorty

Mon. Nov. 11

Rorty, "The Contingency of Language," pp. 194-210 in Goodman

Recommended: Rorty, "Pragmatism, Relativism, and Irrationalism" in Consequences of Pragmatism, pp. 160-175.

Weds. Nov. 13

Putnam, "The Many Faces of Realism," pp. 163-81 in Goodman

Recommended: Putnam, Pragmatism, Ch. 3

Mon. Nov. 18

Rorty, "Feminism and Pragmatism," pp. 125-48 in Goodman

Weds. Nov. 20*

Nancy Fraser, "From Irony to Prophecy to Politics," pp. 153-59 in Goodman

*Short essay assignment: Discuss Fraser's reply to Rorty; are her objections good ones? How might Rorty respond?

Mon. Nov. 25

Cornel West, Chapter 6, "Prophetic Pragmatism", pp. 211-39

Take-Home on Unit V will be due on December 6th; late papers accepted without penalty on December 9th.

Independent Paper also due on December 6th.

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