Philosophy 3387 American Philosophy

Phil. 3373/American Philosophy

Freeland/Fall 1996

W.E.B. DuBois

Unit IV: Intermediate Figures

Weds. Oct. 23

Cornel West, Chapter 4, "The Dilemma of the Mid-Century Intellectual," pp. 112-138 (Hook and Mills)

Mon. Oct. 28

Cornel West, Chapter 4, continued, pp. 138-64 (Du Bois and Neibuhr)

Weds. Oct. 30

Cornel West, Chapter 4, continued, pp. 164-81 (Trilling)

Mon. Nov. 4

Cornel West, Chapter 5, pp. 182-94 (Quine, Goodman, Sellars)

See also: Wilfrid Sellars, "Empiricism and the Philosophy of Mind" (Hypertext edition)

Thurs. Nov. 6

Begin Unit V: Contemporary Pragmatists

West, Chapter 5, continued, pp. 194-210 (Rorty)

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