Philosophy 3387 American Philosophy Unit Three

Unit Three: Classical Pragmatism II (Dewey)

John Dewey

John Dewey

Dr. Cynthia Freeland

Section #10061, MW 1-2:30 p.m., 12 Agnes Arnold Hall

402 AH, 743-2993,

Course Schedule

W Sept. 25

Dewey, "Does Reality Possess Practical Character?", pp. 79-91 in Goodman

M Sept. 30 Cornel West, Ch. 3, "The Coming-of-Age of American Pragmatism: John Dewey", pp. 69-111

Summary of West on Dewey

W Oct. 2 Cornel West, continued

M Oct. 7

Dewey, "Education as Growth," pp. 93-101 in Goodman

Recommended: selections from Charlotte Siegfried, Pragmatism and Feminism, Ch. 4 ("Acknowledging Mutual Influences"), pp. 73-89 ("Jane Addams, Hull House, and John Dewey," pp. 73-82; "Two Unhappy Endings for Women at the University of Chicago," pp.82-89).

See also, on Hull House:

W Oct. 9

Dewey, "The Pattern of Inquiry," pp. 316-334 in Thayer


M Oct. 14

Rorty and Dewey

Read at least one of the following articles by Richard Rorty: from Consequences of Pragmatism (Minnesota, 1982):

Recommended, also from Rorty and Pragmatism:

W Oct. 16

New to the Syllabus

Hilary Putnam, "A Reconsideration of Deweyan Democracy," in Goodman, pp. 183-204.

M Oct. 21

Dewey's Philosophy of Art (Art as Experience)

Lecture: no reading assignment

Dewey Take-Home will be due in class Monday, October 28. (Note: New Due Date)

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Center for Dewey Studies. An extremely valuable and comprehensive web site concerning John Dewey, his works, and works about him.

John Dewey Electronic Discussion Group

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