Philosophy 3387 American Philosophy Unit Three

Unit Three: Classical Pragmatism II (Dewey)

Phil. 3387/Freeland Fall, 1996

Cornel West, Chapter 3 on Dewey: Outline of Key Points

I. Overview of Dewey (pp. 69-72)

II. Dewey on Emerson (pp. 72-76)

Dewey praises Emerson in "Ralph Waldo Emerson" for the following reasons:

III. Aspects of Dewey's Biography (pp. 76-85)

IV. Three key fronts of Dewey's development of pragmatism (85ff)

IVA. Dewey's Metaphilosophy

Key Sources: "Philosophy and Democracy," 1918

"The Need for a Recovery of Philosophy," 1917

Reconstruction in Philosophy, 1920

IVB. Cultural Criticism (pp. 97-100)

IVC. Social Criticism (pp. 100-111)

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